High Handicap Driver Fitting | Rob

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– This was a very interesting session with a 19 handicap player looking for more distance with the driver. We helped Rob understand how his club path and face angle were affecting his ball flight, and fitted him to a new driver that encouraged and enabled more of a draw ball flight.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


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  1. Logan Kelch says

    I have no idea what my club swing weight is or if my shaft is correct for me. I have a stiff flex shaft that’s 60g which plays 1/2” shorter then a standard Callaway XR16 pro (45”)… I just can’t seem to find the middle of the club face… I’m unsure if it’s my club head/shaft combo but I’m playing it at 9 degree and hit it incredibly high and always hit a push fade out of the heel… I don’t know if it’s my swing (out to in) or my club…

    Also do you ever fit people for the standard Epic? It seems that with the sliding weight it may work for some people and it’s pretty similar to the rogue?

  2. Robert Canady says

    More Thanks to Ian for the fitting and swing changes. Everyone says it here in the comments, but his knowledge of equipment and the swing, and what will work for who, is truly unbelievable to see and in my case, be fortunate enough to witness. As mentioned by all three of us during this video, my swing speed was down a bit by the time i got to the last set of shots with both the SFT and my driver. But even with that, the difference in that Fujikura shaft, still allowed me to make some very solid contact. Thanks to everyone for the positive comments, I hope to see Ian and Matt again in 2019 and show them an even more improved "Rob swing"

  3. MrTkeddo says

    Thanks guys your channel is my go to for golf viewing, I’m 53 28 handicap and was hitting my Cobra S3 driver with regular shaft 195 to 200 yrds and also leaked right or low left, I got fitted with a Ping g400max soft regular Alta cb shaft and it’s straight and sometimes a baby draw , also distance gain up to 230 to 245 yrds and I broke 90 for the first time (87 net 58)

  4. Trent Butler says

    So I have a problem which I consider to be pretty big, I don’t hit my driver very far only about 180 yards I have a slow swing speed and I’m using a senior flex shaft with 13.5 degrees of loft. What should/could I do to gain some distance? I had considered getting fitted but sense I’m still growing I have decided to not get fitted because I would soon grow out of what I got fitted for. Any help would be greatly appreciate and thank you for your time

  5. Cole Stamper says

    Hey guys. You two are really making high quality vids that are extremely informative. I'm curious if you had plans on making a vid on driving irons I'm currently a round about 10-12 handicapper who hits the ball around 260 with the driver but I tend to play on a shorter coarse. Just wondering if a driving iron would be a good alternative for me or if I should stick with a 5 wood. ( Not into hybrids)
    Thanks keep the vids comming!!!

  6. Chris Franz says

    So glad I happened upon your videos. It surprises me I can stay interested for 30min watching someone else's fitting! One question- what is your view on MOI fitting? Having been a science major, it makes more sense to me than swing weight.

  7. Mo 50sEKBOY says

    Great video, but it does prompt me to ask a question that has been bothering me for some time and in particular with my game. Modern Drivers are designed with a light head and shaft – "saving weight so we can generate more clubhead speed". Problem I have is that I have little "feel" with modern Drivers, the result of which is that the longer the shaft – Drivers are usually around 45" – the less I sense where the clubhead is on the backswing + I lose rhythm and tempo. How do you as a Fitter deal with this? Do you reduce the length of the shaft, or put in a heavier shaft but that would lose the "feel" of the head even more or use a heavier head?

  8. Richard Gatehouse says

    Another great video guys. From your experience would there be much of a change in a g30 sft compared to the 400 version. Or would a change around in shafts to dial in the numbers a bit be a better option. Keep up the great content can't wait until the next episode

  9. Mike says

    You guys seem to get better and better with these videos. Nice to see the comprehensive experience Rob was able to get.

  10. Dylan MacDonough says

    I wish there was a fitting service like this in Georgia or somewhere close.

  11. Joe Fleming says

    Great stuff, love the work with higher handicappers. The combination of understanding what a player needs to improve their swing, and what club fitting can do to help is a potent combination.

  12. Chris O'Brien says

    Very nice video. Wish we had a similar service and fitting experience locally . Certainly not the chain sporting goods ( DICKS or Golf Galaxy ) we are subject to. Often quite clueless.
    FYI… I like the format when they are shorter length videos. Often did not click on them , even if interested in topic due to length .
    Thank you 😊

  13. Adrian Twiss says

    Can I be rude and ask how old this gentleman is?

  14. Mike Cook says

    Great video!! Rob's handicap will definitely be headed down thanks to the clubs and the swing instruction!!

  15. David Leigh says

    Very interesting.
    My golf buddy was recently fitted for a Gmax but after testing was recommended to go for the G400sft which gave him better all round results even though he felt more comfortable with the Max.

  16. john stone says

    Great stuff guys!!

  17. Robert Salazar says

    Awesome Robert! Im curious if the better you hit the SFT and your clubbed speed increase if you would go to the regular G400

  18. Michael Ackerman says

    Excellent fitting!

  19. Bill Weiss says

    Awesome time lapses on this one Matt!

  20. jmac05r1 says

    Well done! The patience, TLC you guys have is amazing

  21. wally says

    Does anyone make a sub 400CC driver?

  22. Richard Gatehouse says

    Hi Rob
    How's the 400 going and what shaft did you settle on

  23. emac417 says

    Excellent video. Really enjoyed it.

  24. Timothy Daniels says

    I had a driver fitting today with Chris at your Burlington location and, like Rob, had a very positive experience. As an older golfer who hasn’t played in about 10 years, fatigue and rustiness all played a role in my performance and Chris, bright fellow that he is, was extremely patient and helpful. To make a long story short, we’ve narrowed it down to Callaway Rogue, senior specs. ie. lots of loft and a flexible shaft. Best of all, Chris suggested I come back after a trip to the range and a bit of practice. He wants me relaxed and fresh before we commit to getting that Rogue built. No extra charge for that extra visit. It won’t take long but he wants to get it right. That’s a commitment to excellence!
    Thanks guys.

  25. Bill Weiss says

    Went to my home course today for my high handicap driver fitting!

    THANK YOU for helping me learn what the numbers on a GC Quad mean and how they affect ball flight – it was great to understand what Nick, the fitter at http://www.fossiltrace.com was talking about during the session!

    (take a minute to click that link above, it's a beautiful public course in Golden CO that plays like a private course with a unique links-ish/mountainey hybrid layout)

    I play nice irons and wedges but my driver is a really cheap one from my starter set and I am ready to upgrade…

    At the end of the session I liked the TM M4 D type 10.5 w/atmos regular shaft the best – cut my spin rate in half and gave me 20 yards in carry over the club I hit now and it feels like I will be able to keep a lot more balls in the fairways with it!

    Looking for a steal on ebay – but with those kind of results – a good deal will suffice!

  26. Lawrence Williams says

    Can you fit me please? Same boat as Rob with distance loss but accurate guy!

  27. Dave says

    He stands straight up prior to contact. If he can't stay down through impact, he'll never have a neutral swing path, never mind an in to out path. If this is due to some psychical limitation, he should change his setup to a more vertical stance at start. This way his distance to the ball doesn't change, demanding a delivery adjustment (out to in). Look at some long ball guys to set up standing straight up to to lack of mobility still creating an in to out delivery.

  28. L Nick says

    Just curious.  What flex was Rob hitting with the Fuji Pro 2.0?  Which weight 5R, 6R etc., and if it was R5 (57 gram) was it the R2 (senior flex) or the Regular flex?

  29. Richard Croft says

    Rob appears to have a closed stance at address. Is it the angle of the camera or is his right foot back in order to encourage a more in to out swing path?

  30. Jeffrey Grove says

    This was a great fitting , great  to hear the process in great detail.

  31. SM S says

    I just stumbled across this one and wanted to ask a question regarding the G400 sft fitting. I too have a path issue but not quite as significant as Rob’s. I prefer feeling the head behind me which I feel may help with a more inside to out swing path. I am considering replacing the 10 gram gold weight with a13 gram. Could this help with path delivery and better face contact? Thanks again for your great content.

  32. Gerry Morcom says

    Great fitting. What flex was on that Fujikura shaft?

  33. Rick Cudmore says

    This video was an eye-opener. I'm a 16-18 handicap and need the same fitting as Rob. I just had my new irons fitted but I have never had my driver, fairway woods or hybrids fitted. As a lefty I enjoy the videos as I can relate to the other side. I lived in Burlington for 12 years and didn't know this place existed.

  34. Mark Goddard says

    Great videos, just a quick question. Shaft flex, when I bought my clubs "Cobra Amp Cell" in 2013 I did not know anything about golf. My driver has a regular flex shaft, 3 wood cant remember what it is, 3/4 Hybrid has a stiff flex and currently I hit it the straightest. the 3/4 hybrid I think is the heaviest and the Driver is the lightest.

  35. Johnston Steward says

    I've also watched another high handicap (Sam) fitting by you guys. I think he too had a out to in path. So is the main difference here that Sam was able to deliver a more closed face than Rob? I am trying to figure out why Sam was able to improve more dramatically than Rob after the fitting. Thank you.

  36. nvr2old says

    Really so impressed with your philosophy re fitting AND instruction during fitting to overall affect his results. Kudos Ian and Matt. Far too many fitters only do fitting and attempt then club sales based on the swing when a little instruction really helps the overall experience and likely customer satisfaction in their choice should they then buy. Blown away by your detail in the process. Great vid.

  37. nvr2old says

    A follow up comment as well. Recently did a fitting from a well known fitting company but the price to buy the clubs after this was very prohibitive (close to $5000) and did not purchase. Any advice on reasonable pricing for clubs after a fitting?

  38. vonster202 says

    Could do without the music would rather hear the strikes

  39. NekShotz says

    At the time the video was made, how long have Rob been playing for? Just curious.

  40. Iambenvaughan 1985 says

    how is it set 2 degrees closed?

  41. Bob Nokley says

    Always interesting to go back a few years to see fittings compared to most recent

  42. Jada Mane says

    What stiffness of the new shaft did you give him ?

  43. Paul Stewart says

    Helping the guy with his swing path was amazing here. Not just trying to set a club up to his swing, but making sure they were buying into improving too. Great work there.

  44. Ken Eagle says

    If you like to pay for a return flight over there for a fitting, I would be willing to do the travel 😀

  45. Paul Christie says

    Awesome !! Very informative !

  46. Salty Degs says

    This man hits further than me with his old clubs

  47. Russell Daye says

    You two are very professional, interested in helping golfers regardless of ability. Pro!

  48. Richard Staniak says


  49. David Clark says

    Amazing fitters! Really wish I could find someone down here like that.

  50. Stephen Mowforth says

    I also play the g400 max and find it great unfortunately I too have lost a few yards through age but still manage to hit the ball straight. Could you please tell me how i can get my spin rate down as I used to hit a draw but now seem to hit a slight fade for some reason. My pro told me to go into a regular shaft from a stiff about the same time as I lost my draw

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