He Bought The PERFECT High Handicap Golf Clubs!?

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He Bought The PERFECT High Handicap Golf Clubs!? When buying new golf clubs its important you buy the best golf clubs for your ability level… The best high handicap golf clubs, the best mid handicap golf clubs, the best mid handicap irons, the best high handicap driver etc… in this video I take on 26 Handicap golfer foxy in part 3 of our £500 second hand golf club challenge, for the chance to win £500 check out the video and the guys at golfclubs4cash to win. Let’s do it… and let’s do it now!


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  1. Mike Riley says

    loving the banter! "remember that time you duffed a putt?

  2. Micheal Weathers says

    Foxy vaping?

  3. James Wood says


  4. Paul Jones says

    CASH ⛳️

  5. Per Dahlgren says


  6. Stephen Chambers says

    "CASH" loved this mini series, watched them all tonight! Foxy with the forgot my trainers for PE vibe, bring it home for use high handicappers chor!

  7. Adam Higgins says


  8. Bad Muppet says

    Don’t have Instagram so not really bothered with the win lol

  9. Martin Stapley says

    Cash. This was a quality watch. Epic match and totally relatable golf from mr fox. Love them clubs

  10. Phillip Tyrrell says

    Cash. I'd love to get out on the course more. Downside of working retail

  11. Willie McNeill says


    Loved it from start to finish great banter and entertaining Mr Fox played to his handicap and used his shots well the match could have easily been his so proves it was nice and fair.

    Look forward to more videos and of course next years £500 challenge

  12. R.J. Suemnick says


  13. Chris Pearce says

    The match came down to a 1/4-inch. Nice one guys.

  14. Iain Cochrane says

    Cash…whats them then…?? I just purchased a set for my grandson hes just turned 15..they were under 500..bag,trolley etc,great buy,hes havin so much fun..mr james tryin to psyche foxy into the bunker..shame on you..haha..great little series,good banter,..grandson saying he would take you both….how can you leave a 5 footer short sir..

  15. J Fantizzle says

    Cash. Foxy loves a slice 😂😂 if he fixes that his handicap will jump massively I bet

  16. Andy L says

    Cash!!! Yes been looking forward to Pt 3

  17. John Davis says

    Pretty sure you can ground your club under the new rules, in the hazzard

  18. Thierry Martin says

    Cash- I like in this video that there is a golfer playing with a handicap relative to the average golfer. Sometimes watching videos of players with low handicaps makes golf look easy and doesn't show the errors and situations average golfers get into

  19. Jake Harrison says

    Cash and what a match Mr fox

  20. David Shauf says


  21. veterinaren says

    Cash but not sure if I understand the rules of the giveaway so yeah. Cash

  22. Craig Smith says

    CASH keep up the good work

  23. Sam Jones says

    Cash, I am this handicap foxy 🏌🏿‍♂️

  24. Stephen Fox says


    and James you are allowed to ground your club in a hazard now just not a bunker . rule changed in last 2 years

  25. Timothy Craven says

    Cash. Loving the series 🙂

  26. Paul J says


  27. Ian Ess says

    Great series of videos. Great banter between you two. Shows how low and high handicap golfers can compete against each other!

  28. tee2 green2 says

    <CASH> Thoroughly enjoyed the series

  29. Mario Lambaria says


  30. David says


  31. Ryan Jukes says

    "Cash" That was very entertaining shows the handicap system works i bet it was stressfull for both at times

  32. Karl Rankin says

    Cash…draw would have been a fair result good craic lads keep up the good work 💪

  33. Robert Jones says

    Cash. Enjoyed the match.

  34. Steve Roworth says

    foxys right arm on his back swing makes me feel uncomfortable 😂

  35. Cory Stegen says

    CASH so much fine thanks for the entertainment!

  36. Joe Mariani says

    “Cash” great series lads, really enjoyed it

    And Gutted for foxy!!

  37. Croy01 says

    CASH, Such a great trio of Videos absolutely loved this👌🏌️‍♂️⛳️

  38. Joe Braden says

    Cash – yay for handicaps……makes it nice and equal 🙂

  39. Neil Brannigan says


    O used to have the quad r7 driver
    Epic peice of kit

    Great series 👍

  40. ian wood says

    Cash, so much fun watching you 2 play real golf

  41. rhys peck says


  42. George Rice says


  43. Justin Baldwin-Bonney says

    'Cash' great series.

  44. edmund byrne says

    It ain't 🍀clover it's a Shamrock

  45. John Town says

    Cash, well done lads great series

  46. John Hultz says

    Cash. Lots of fun to watch. Seems like the handicap system works.

  47. evolootion83 says


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