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Lindum has developed a range of products to suit the particular needs of golf courses and has earned a reputation for consistently high quality turf and innovation in grass technology.

We grow a diverse range of turf for greens, tees, fairways, bunkers, high traffi areas and landscaping around the course, including Wildflwer Turf for biodiversity areas.

Our products include turf made up of varying mixtures of fier grasses suitable for specialist golf greens as well as low input mixtures requiring reduced fertiliser and irrigation.


LT1 Tournament Greens

A dense Bent/Fescue sward with very high purity and low thatch content.


  • Mowing height at harvest 6-8mm
  • The fial composition is usually 60-70% Bent and 30-40% FescueAccurate botanical composition carried out by an independent RIPTA agronomist available


  • Ideal for top quality high Bent greens

LT1 is available in three formats

  • Grown on sandy loam soil
  • Washed to avoid any soil contamination
  • Grown to order on USGA specifiation rootzone


LT4 Smooth Stalked Tees

A high quality mixture of smooth stalked meadow grass and fescues combining fie appearance with hard wear and recovery, suitable for golf tees and surrounds.


  • Fine appearance
  • Hard wearing
  • Quick regrowth from rhizomes


  • Tees
  • Fairways

Roll size

  • Standard rolls: 1 square metre
  • Large rolls: 0.75m or 1.05m x up to 28m

LT5 Rye Tees

A hard wearing mix combining the repair and recovery of wear tolerant ryegrasses with a dense smooth stalked meadow grass/fescue base.


  • Hard wearing
  • Quick repair and recovery


  • Hard wearing tees
  • Walk-on, walk-off areas

Roll size

  • Standard rolls: 1 square metre
  • Large rolls: 0.75m or 1.05m x up to 28m

Bunker Revetting

Ready cut strips for building revetted bunkers.


  • Ready cut in easy to handle strips 250mm x 1050mm
  • Cut 30-40mm thick
  • Good thatch
  • Sprayed off or unsprayed available
  • 80 pieces per pallet provides approximately 3 Face Metres


  • Revetted bunker faces and walls

Also available: bunker lining turf

Green innovation on the golf course

Lindum Washed Turf

All grades can be supplied as a mature turf washed using highly specialised machinery to remove all soil particles prior to laying on a free draining sand rootzone.


  • Avoids contamination of high specifiation rootzones with fie turfsoil particles
  • Avoids creation of a layer which impedes root development and water percolation
  • Roots faster as it seeks water and nutrients
  • Produces a greater biomass of roots
  • Faster establishment time


New greens surfaces constructed with a high specifiation sand profie or fire reinforced rootzone.

Establishment time

3 to 5 weeks dependant on temperature.

Contact us for essential guidelines on establishment and maintenance of washed turf.


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