GolfWRX’s 2018 Fathers Day Gift Guide: 4 opinions, 20 items

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GolfWRX’s 2018 Fathers Day Gift Guide: 4 opinions, 20 items

It’s time for our traditional GolfWRX PSA: Father’s Day (June 17) is rapidly approaching. And as we do every year, we’re rounding up the best gifts for dad.

This year, we’re doing something a little different with the guide. Instead of having one or two writers contribute to the guide, we got four distinct voices to share their opinions on what to get your dad — or, in some cases, what to get your husband on behalf of your children (assuming your toddlers don’t go shopping on their own).

But as we say every year: There’s no better golf-related Father’s Day gift than a round of golf with pops. Be it a country club or your favorite muni, take the time to get together to play 18 if you can.

Anyway, on to the WRX contributors and their selections.

Staff Writer Ben Alberstadt

Callaway Rogue/Rogue Sub Zero

Why not get dad the winner of our GolfWRX : The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero? If your dad’s a better player, you may want to consider giving him the driver GolfWRX members liked best. If your dad is an average player with average swing speed, try the Callaway Rogue, our for average golfers.


Bushnell Hybrid rangefinder

The latest from the industry leader: Bushnell’s Hybrid rangefinder delivers distance to front and back of the green. Jolt technology will let dad know when he’s locked on to the flag. The combination of technology and ease of use make the Hybrid the right play.


Titleist USA Flag Headcovers

These premium leather, classically embroidered, patriotic headcovers will add the perfect splash of red, white and blue to dad’s golf bag.


UA Tuned Golf Propel sunglasses

The UA Tuned Golf lens features a proprietary tint formula for heightened contrast in bright conditions while offering exceptional clarity. Giving golfers a competitive edge, the technology improves depth perception and enhances definition of the fairway and greens to better plan shots and read putts. At least, that’s what Under Armour says. We just say, they look cool, and if they help dad play better golf, even better.


Golftec lessons

Golftec teaches approximately 1 million lessons annually around the world with the average student dropping seven strokes from their game, according to the company. I say it every year, but giving the gift of better golf — the reasonable probability of improvement, at the very least — may be the best golf gift.


Editor-in-Chief Andrew Tursky

Club Champion fitting

As Ben stated above, the best golf gift is improvement. The second best way to improve — or maybe the best way to improve depending on who you ask — is a club fitting. And Club Champion does it right. I recently went through a fitting at the Royal Oak, Michigan, location since I’m switching from righty to lefty. The guys there are top notch fitters, and they have Trackman, a Sam PuttLab, and all the shafts and heads you could need.

Your dad is going to buy new equipment anyway, so it might as well be fit correctly to help him improve his game.


Custom Artisan lob wedge

The Artisan Golf wedges, ground by legend Mike Taylor himself, aren’t just wedges, but works of art. If you want to give a great gift, custom order an Artisan lob wedge. Take a few photos of his current lob wedge and send a Direct Message to Artisan Golf through their . Taylor can essentially replicate the sole grind so your dad will get a wedge that looks great, and performs in a way that’s familiar. You can customize the stampings also, so leave him a message or just get his name engraved on the back. Trust me, pops will be happy with your gift.

Mevo launch monitor

Is the the absolute most accurate launch monitor on the market? No, it’s not. But it’s a 3D Doppler Radar that’s only $500, and it will get close enough on club speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and flight time to be valuable, and it’s a fun tool to use on the course with your buddies. It’s only about the size of an Altoids can, and can be used inside and outside. Dad will have fun with this gift, I promise.


GolfWRX Store

If dad reads, it’s very likely he’ll appreciate a GolfWRX hat, divot tool or new headcover. We have some awesome designs made by the best manufacturers in the business, AND we’re offering 10 percent off for the holiday. That’s 10 percent off the entire store (use the code Father10WRX). The only problem is that if dad reads GolfWRX, that means he’s likely reading this story and will know you got a discount. He won’t care though, he’ll appreciate the smart shopping and great gift.


Check out these headcovers and tell me that dad won’t love one of these beauties. You can’t. They have a number of different designs, and you can customize them to your liking, too. Here’s a tip: Think of his favorite sports team and get a set of covers with that color scheme. He’ll think of you every time he plays golf and appreciate the awesome gift.


Resident Fashion Expert Jordan Madley

Halo Sport headphones

If you’re trying to relax on the course, why not go all the way? These headphones literally help your mind and body work as one.


Criquet golf shirts

These remind me of the shirts my dad used to wear, and if I get one for my husband as a Father’s Day gift from our kids, I can steal it for myself!


Iliac Golf walking bag

I think bags traditionally are a bit overdone, but this bag is simply a piece of functional art.


Rolex Day-Date 40

I couldn’t help myself! Let’s be honest, all the legends had a Rolex. If it’s in the budget, who wouldn’t want to have something in common with the King?


The Grip Master kangaroo leather grips

Traditional, functional, and who can argue with Palmer and Nicklaus who played leather grips for years?


Director of Original Content Johnny Wunder

Custom Jones golf bag

These bags are a throwback to my childhood, and the quality is second to none. The custom options are limitless.


True Linkswear Original

This Washington-based shoe company is making extremely cool crossover kicks. Who doesn’t love a shoe you can wear on the course and on the street?


Blast Motion Swing and Stroke Analyzer

The coolest golf aid I’ve seen in a while. It tracks your swing and stroke in three different ways: tempo, path, and pace.


DST Compressor 8-iron

Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose train with it…they hit fairly well. Enough said.


The Net Return Pro Series

For the northern golfer who longs to hit balls in the winter, this is as good as it gets.


GolfWRX’s 2018 Fathers Day Gift Guide: 4 opinions, 20 items

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