Golf Stretching Exercises – Part 6

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More golf stretching exercises, continue from the last post.

Sidebend Stretch

Set your feet shoulder width apart and pointing straight ahead. Put one hand on your hip and reach high overhead with the other arm as you bend the torso to the side. Repeat on the opposite side.

Golf benefit: Excellent stretch for the shoulders and back. Promotes proper spine angle tilt movement of the downswing where the hips “bump” forward while the upper body stays back—a core move for driving power and accuracy.

Single Leg Balance with Torso Rotation

Single Leg Balance with Torso Rotation

Stand on one leg. Tilt forward into a golf posture by bending from the hips and keeping the back flat. Fold your arms across your chest. Focus your eyes on a spot on the ground as you rotate the torso right and left. You’ll need to keep your head still and stabilize the knee and ankle to maintain balance. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Golf benefit: One of the best warm-up exercises because it promotes balance, a still head and a powerful pivot. It can also eliminate a backswing hip or knee sway or downswing slide.



A deep squat is a great way to warm up the entire lower body. Make sure your feet stay flat on the ground (don’t let the heels raise up) as you squat. Maintain a flat back throughout the entire range of motion. Move slowly and go down only as far as is comfortable–listen to your body. Not recommended for students that have had knee or hip replacements.

Golf benefitEssential for maintaining posture during the entire swing.

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