Golf Stretching Exercises – Part 5

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More golf stretching exercises, continue from the last post.

Torso Rotators

Golf Stretching Exercises

Position the feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt forward into a golf posture by bending from the hips while keeping the back flat. Fold your arms across your chest. Rotate the torso right and left while keeping the lower body still.

Golf benefit: This teaches disassociation of the upper and lower body, which is a vital movement for promoting backswing coil. Torso rotators will also help groove a good shoulder plane throughout the swing and teach the correct motion for putting and chipping.

Hip Twisters

Hip Twisters

Assume the same set-up position and posture as you did with the Torso Rotators above. Again, fold your arms across your chest. Now rotate or twist the hips (right and left) while keeping the upper body motionless.

Golf benefit: This movement pattern promotes proper sequencing of the downswing, creating the downswing “X-factor”. Teaches the hips to rotate instead of sway (backswing) or slide (downswing).

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