Golf Stretching Exercises – Part 4

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More golf stretching exercises, continue from the last post.

The “Heisman”


Place your feet shoulder width apart and pointing straight ahead. Put your arms out to your side away from the body. Lift and swing one leg across the body and simultaneously rotate the arms and torso in the opposite direction. Repeat the movement on opposite side.

Golf benefit: This is the key move to create clubhead lag and the proper kinematic sequence of the downswing resulting in a powerful swing.

Backward Lunge with a Twist

Backward Lunge with a Twist

Start with the feet together. Step back into a lunge position. The back foot should be on the toes (heel off the ground) and the front leg bent so the knee is above the ankle. Then reach back with the opposite hand and grab the back leg while the other arm stretches high overhead. Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg. Do 5 or 10 repetitions with each leg.
Golf benefit: A wonderful total body exercise. This exercise emphasizes a rotating torso while maintaining a strong and stable lower body.

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