Golf Stretching Exercises – Part 3

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More golf stretching exercises, continue from the last post.

Alternating Toe Touch

Alternating Toe Touch

Reach one hand to the opposite foot while extending the other arm behind the back, emphasizing torso rotation. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Golf benefit: This exercise stretches the back, shoulders, and hamstrings and trains a strong and stable torso rotation.

Hamstring/Back Stretch

Hamstring/Back Stretch

Slightly unlock the knees then forward bend at the hip joints, not the waist. Keep your back
straight! You should feel the stretch in the back of legs. Then slowly reach the hands down and
grab back of the ankles. Return to an upright position by keeping chest up/out and moving through
the hip joints again. Finish by reaching the arms overhead and back-bending.

Golf benefit: Great for getting into and staying in your posture. Also prepares the body for a downswing hip thrust,
spine “extension” and a “reverse C” finish.

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