Golf Stretching Exercises – Part 2

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More golf stretching exercises, continue from the last post.


Stick-Em-UpStick-Em-Up golf

Begin this exercise with the arms crossed in front of you. Both arms should be rotated inward so that your palms are facing each other and the thumbs are pointing down. From there, swing your hands up into a “stick-em-up” position. The arms should be bent at a 90 degree angle and at shoulder height. Then push your hands back while you press the elbows forward.

Golf benefit: This exercise keeps the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder flexible, allowing you to swing the club on-plane on both sides of the ball. It will prevent the flying elbow on the backswing and improve your release, which will eliminate the slice.

Scapula/Shoulder Circles

Scapula/Shoulder CirclesScapula/Shoulder Circles golf

Stand tall with the back flat. Then rotate the shoulders in a backward circular direction. Start the movement by lifting the shoulders up before rotating them back. Pinch the shoulder blades together. Begin with small circles and progress to larger circles. Scapula circles can be done with four different arm and hand starting positions as pictured.

Golf benefit: These exercises will help you get and maintain the correct posture with a flat back.


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