Golf Skills and The Importance Of Practice (P3)

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Full Swing

Now that your body is in the proper address position it is time to move your body, arms and club. As you swing the club the trunk will turn to move the club backward and forward and the arms will move the club up and down. It is also important to make sure the hands and arms stay in front of the torso throughout the golf swing.

Proper movement of the shoulders:

  • Place a golf club across your shoulders and crisscross your hands to opposite shoulders.
  • Turn your shoulders 90 degrees away from the target line.
  • Turn your shoulders back to zero degrees to the target line with your trail shoulder turning down toward the ball.
  • Turn forward 90 degrees to the target line with your trail shoulder finishing closest to the target. This will teach you the proper motion of the body in the golf swing.

Proper movement of the arms and golf club:

  • As your shoulders turn away from the target line, simultaneously the trail arm and wrist will fold vertically up until the top of the backswing. The target arm will maintain extension.
  • At the top of the backswing your hands should be in front of your chest between your shoulders.
  • As your shoulders return to the ball (zero degrees) the trail arm and wrist will straighten up through impact. As the shoulders turn through to the finish (90 degrees) position the target wrist and arm will hinge up over the target shoulder while maintaining extension of the right arm.

In order to hit the ball most efficiently you must maintain a steady spine angle from start to finish. This is accomplished by keeping the hips pushed back through out the swing.

Proper movement of the arms and golf clubBunker Shots

Bunker shots are swings where the objective is to hit the sand underneath the ball and the ball flies out with the sand. The image of taking a slice of sand the size of a dollar bill seems to work for most golfers.

First, go through your aim and alignment drill. After you have your target line and your intermediate target set, then place your hands on the grip. Many players make the mistake of gripping the club first and then rotating the shaft to open the clubface. Remember that your club cannot touch the sand in a bunker, otherwise you incur a two-stroke penalty for grounding your club in the hazard.

There are four factors that control the height and distance of your shots:

  • The more loft you add to the clubface by moving the shaft back at address, the higher and shorter the ball will carry.
  • The steeper the angle of your approach into the ball, the higher and shorter the shot.
  • The more clubhead speed a swing generates, the farther the ball will carry.
  • The more sand you displace under the ball, the shorter the shot.

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