Golf Skills and The Importance Of Practice (P2)

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Alignment – Clubface & Body

It is critical that you align your body and aim your clubface correctly in relation to the target. If you make a good golf swing but are aiming incorrectly you will hit the ball in the wrong direction. To aim correctly:

  • Stand about three feet behind the golf ball and select a spot on the target line no more than a few feet in front of the ball. The target line is an imaginary line that connects the golf ball to your intended target.
  • When you have selected your spot, walk up to the ball with your eyes looking at that spot and place the clubface behind the golf ball facing the spot and target.
  • Make sure to keep looking at the target as you set your feet the correct width and take your proper address position.

Alignment - Clubface & Body


The grip is one of the key fundamentals to a good golf game. Without a proper grip it is very difficult to attain the most out of your golf game.

  • While standing up straight, hold the club up in front of your body at a 45-degree angle with your trail hand on the shaft just above the grip.
  • With your target hand, simply shake hands with the grip (placing grip of club diagonally across base of fingers).
  • Slide the trail hand down the shaft of the club so the target hand thumb fits into the lifeline of the trail hand. At this point the target hand thumb is being covered up with the thumb pad of the trail hand.
  • Pressure: Hold the golf club firmly, but do not squeeze.

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