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  • The Captain shall have full discretion to open or close or reserve any one or more of them whether for particular classes of play or for particular occasions or otherwise as the Captain may deem fit.
  • Administratively, the Captain, or his appointee who must be a member of the Committee of Management or in their absence, the Manager/Sports Supervisor shall exercise the duty of the Captain.
  • Unauthorized/unsanctioned competitions are not allowed without the prior approval of the Captain.
  • Golf Management. – The Committee of Management hereby endorses as follows:
    • The Captain shall be responsible on all matters concerning golf.
    • For purposes of instilling discipline amongst golfers, the Chairman of Disciplinary Sub-Committee is given the authority to recommend appropriate penalty to any golfer who breaches / infringes / contravenes the rules and etiquette of golf.


  • For New Members without handicap
    • Any member (including family members) without handicap and intending to play golf, must make a formal application to the club.
    • Such a member will be invited to attend an induction meeting.
    • After being inducted, he is then allowed to be on the course but must at all times be accompanied by a handicapped member who will be responsible for him.
    • Non handicapped golfers (with or without buggy) have no standing and must give way to any flight of handicapped players.
    • To obtain a handicap, he must submit a minimum of five scores over 18 holes and countersigned by a handicapped player and the scores should reflect a potential 24/36 handicap.
    • After returning a minimum of five 18 holes scores, he can then apply to have his handicap assessed by the Chairman of the handicap subcommittee or by any person authorized by him and approved by Captain.
    • The following aspects will be assessed during the handicap test:
      • Golf etiquette
      • Ability to play golf
      • Golf rules
      • Dress code
    • Any golfer having successfully passed his handicap test shall be placed on six month probation. In the absence of any complaints, he shall be automatically confirmed at the end of the said- period. The probationer cannot introduce non-members or guests to play golf. He should also play a minimum of three monthly medal games. He is only allowed to use the golf facilities at the reciprocal clubs after 1 year from obtaining the handicap.
    • Hours of Play Non-handicapped golfers may not be allowed on the course:
      • From 4.00 p.m.- 5.30 p.m. on weekdays
      • From 1.00 p.m.- 5.30 p.m. on Saturdays and
      • Before 1.00 p.m. on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • For New Members with handicap from affiliated clubs
    • Any new club member who possess a valid handicap based on USGA System from an affiliated club must apply to have his handicap recognized by SIGC. Such members should show proof of membership of his home club and produces a certified computer print- out of his last 20 score cards.
    • He must then attend SIGC induction meeting.
    • After being inducted and his handicap recognized by the club he will then be allowed to play and introduce guests.
  • New members with handicap from non affiliated clubs
    • New members with handicap from non-affiliated clubs will have to adhere to procedures as per under 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 and, must request for a handicap assessment. Upon getting his handicap, he will be then be allowed to play golf and introduce guests.


SIGC follows USGA handicapping system, in which scores are adjusted without regards to the Stroke Index of the Course.


  • Arbitrary cuts in handicaps will be applicable to all players and will be based on the following table:GOLF ETIQUETTE, RULES & BYE-LAWS (P2)
  • Golfers whose handicaps have been A/C will maintain those handicaps for two calendar months after the A/C.
  • Arbitrary cuts will only be made on official individual competitions whether held at SIGC or other Golf Clubs.
  • Arbitrary Cuts will not be made for Inter-Club non-individual matches, or team competitions but scores returned during those competitions will be noted by the Captain and Sub-Committee, therefore suitable action will be taken if so required.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, when a golfer’s normal play is better than indicated by the scores that he returns, or that card returned by him, the Captain and SubCommittee reserves the right to reduce his handicap and determine the amount of adjustment.
  • In an extreme case of a player’s non-cooperation, the Captain and Sub-Committee has the right to withdraw his handicap.


  • Upward revision of handicaps, where applicable:
    • For 0 – 9 handicapper A maximum of one stroke per month (maximum of three strokes in a year)
    • For 10 – 36 handicapper A maximum of two strokes per month (maximum of five strokes in a year)

6. Equitable stroke control (Asseeement of Handicap)

A score for any hole is reduced to a specific number of strokes over par for handicap purposes only as follows:

7. Non submission of score cards

  • The adjusted gross score shall be returned for handicap purposes every time a player completes an 18 / 9 holes round no matter where he plays it.
  • Failure to submit such a card may result in the golfer being liable to have his handicap withdrawn by MGA.
  • Any regular golfer who fails to submit any card in any three consecutive months will have his handicap reduced by one stroke (subject to maximum of three).


All visiting golf professionals may be allowed to play golf without payment of green fees subject to approval from the Captain with the proof of their professional status.


  • On the golf course and driving range, the dress code of a golfer must reflect the standard expected of a golfer and it includes :
    • Long trousers or shorts, except those which are rubber banded or have a rubber-pleated waist or pleated waist band using string or cord for belting.
    • T-shirt with collar /turtleneck and sleeves. For men, t-shirt shall be tucked in within the trousers/shorts.
    • A pair of standard golf shoes with socks.
  • The following are not permitted:
    • Sweat-suits (also described as jogging suits) or track suits or their trousers.
    • Jeans or dress made of Denim material of any color, Bermuda pants and Cargo pants.


  • In all SIGC organized or approved competitions, the course will be closed until declared open for play by the Captain.
  • Flight list drawn up for the competition is final and players are to strictly adhere to the tee-off times. Players who are late for tee-off may be disqualified.


  • Handicapped Junior members below the age of 16 years are not permitted to take nonhandicapped members golfing on the golf course.
  • They may be allowed to participate in the club organized competitions.
  • All golfing facilities are out of bound to junior members below age of seven.


The member of a flight with the lowest handicap in any type of match or competition shall automatically become the Match Captain. It becomes his responsibility to ensure that the etiquette of the game, the general conditions of play and dress code be strictly observed. Special attention should be paid to loss of position, calling through, repairing of divots, smoothing of bunkers and repairing of pitch and spike marks on the greens.


Except when allowed by the Rules of Golf, any player on the course shall at all times play with one ball only.


A person who is not playing is not allowed on the course unless permitted by the Captain/Manager.


  • Tee off between 7.00am – 9.00am and after 4.30pm. Use buggy, trolley or caddy.
  • Tee off between 9.00am – 4.30pm. Use buggy only
  • Rates of buggy services are as follows:


  • The buggy shall be returned to buggy station after completing the game.

16. Use of Caddies

  • Every flight of non members shall engage the services of at least one caddy (when available), failing which the flight shall not be allowed to tee off.
  • The caddy rates are as follows:
    • 18 holes – RM42
    • 9 holes – RM21
    • The rates may change subject to COM decision.
  • Procedure for registration and acquiring the services of a c
    • The caddy assigned will pick up your golf bag, caddy chits and proceed to the tee-box assigned before tee-off time.
    • Golfers who opt to use buggy will handle their own golf bags unless they employ caddies to operate their buggy.
    • Golfers are to register their flights with the respective starters. Starters will allocate their tee off time.
    • At the end of the game, golfers are to sign the caddy chits and return them to the caddies.
    • The services of the caddies ends near the golfers terrace and caddies are not to be employed in areas OB to them.



  • Different colored golf bag tags shall be used by handicapped, nonhandicapped and family members.


  • Non-members are to display their golf bag tags prominently at all times on their golf bags.


Any Committee Member, or in their absence, the designated management staffs reserves the right to:

    • Deny the use of the golf facilities to those who do not comply with the dress code, golf registration requirements and employment of buggies.
    • Remove from the course those who violate the rules of golf, golf etiquette and any other relevant bye-law.
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