Our Golf Drivers Buying Guide – What To Know.

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No golf bag is complete without a golf driver also known as a 1-wood. The function of golf drivers is to hit the best possible shot on each occasion when you drive from the Tee off for each hole.

1 What You Can Achieve with Your Driver

<strong>What You Can Achieve with Your Driver</strong>
  • The object is to gain the longest distance down the freeway toward the hole. A lower path with balanced backspin will take you the farthest.
  • You want to ensure the most accurate direction. The so-called “forgiving” club head will aid the beginner. Experienced players are already at the point where there swing is perfected. They drive the ball down the middle of the freeway.


2 Qualities of Modern Drivers

When buying a new set of clubs you’ll look at the following aspects when making the purchase:

  • The angle of the club surface must be in the range of 7.5 to 12 degrees. Players with a great swing may use a loft at the lower end of the range. For beginners and regular players, a loft of 11 degrees will produce the best results.
  • Club heads tend to be larger these days. This is a benefit brought about by the use of lighter materials. The larger the head the more it favors the player who is still gaining skills in the game. It actually compensates for the lack of skills which you’ll hopefully build over time and thus, the term forgiving for the club head. The downside is that the shots will go higher with a loss of accuracy. Experienced players, sure of their swing, are happy to play with smaller heads. This provides lower shots and better control.
  • Price always plays a role in the choice of equipment. When you buy golf clubs made by well-known brand names expect to pay top prices. Good golf sets can be acquired at cheaper prices. Drivers made of Titanium are often double the price of stainless steel ones. For beginners there is always the option of buying a secondhand set first, leaving room for an upgrade as you improve.
  • Club lengths increased over time to now average at 45 inches. The length adds power to your drive. It requires practice and fine-tuning to get used to longer shafts and use them effectively. You can get clubs with adjustable handles which will help you.
  • Makers of golf clubs now offer different models for you to choose from. Club heads, rods, and angles are interchangeable and rods are flexible. This means that you can change your club as you progress your skills without the need to buy new equipment.

When purchasing your golf set you will be confronted with lots of sales talk. With the basic features described here, you should find the set that is suitable for your needs. Given the opportunity, you may test clubs from friends to assist in finalizing your selection.

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