Golf Devices for Arm Amputees

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The TRS Golf Pro TRS Amputee Golf Grip

The TRS Golf Pro TRS Amputee Golf Grip attaches to any standard and artificial wrist and are suitable for below 

The TRS Golf Pro TRS Amputee Golf Grip

elbow amputees. They can be positioned anywhere on the club grip and allow for full rotation during the backswing 

and complete follow-through during the downswing. The Golf Grip is best suited for right-hand amputees who swing left-handed or left-hand amputees who swing right-handed. The Golf Pro is best suited for right-hand amputees who swing right-handed or left-hand amputees who swing left-handed.

The TRS Eagle

The TRS Eagle stores energy on the backswing which helps improve club head speed at the bottom of the downswing resulting in improved power and driving distance.

The Troppman Grip Golf Attachment

The Troppman Grip golf attachment is easy to use as it slides up into place on the grip of the golf club and is compatible with any standard golf handle. Its flexible attachment hose simulates wrist motion for the most natural golf swing. It can be used by adults and children.

Your prosthetist can also make a custom device to help
you hold a club, such as a metal sleeve which slides into
place over the shaft of a golf club to provide a firm grip.
A custom socket can be designed for the amputee and
then golf clubs can be modified to screw into the socket.

The Golf Xpress

The Golf Xpress is a single-rider golf cart for those with limited mobility that goes everywhere the golfer goes – onto The Golf Xpressthe tees, into the traps and even onto the greens. It runs on rechargeable batteries and has an adjustable restraint
system and a wraparound handrail for quick seat positioning, easy transfers on and off the cart, and stability
for one-handed swings.

If you can stand but can’t walk, you can use the
adjustable restraint to get into the proper stance and if
you can walk short distances, you can drive right up to
your ball on the green, fairway, or tee. Of course, to use
a golf cart on the greens you would need to discuss this
requirement in advance with the golf course.

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