Golf Croquet Tactics – Basic Principles

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Today we will go into golf tactics and cover some basic principles.

Golf Croquet Tactics(a)  priorities

it’s all about scoring hoops – everything else is manoeuvre.
if you try for a hoop and miss, then you give the momentum to oppo.
if no other ball can run the hoop, you have a “free” shot – but stay close to the hoop if you miss.
practice so you can rely on running hoops (or at least jawsing them).
clearing etc is necessary, but should always be aimed at getting the next shot at the hoop.

(b) maintain pressure on the hoop

you can’t score a hoop unless you are in front of it.
“shorter is better than longer” when approaching hoops from in front.
if you don’t trust your clearing, just “join the mix” & see what happens.

(c) “inside” = good, “outside” = bad

• You should place your incoming ball where it can’t be hit far away.
Try and find the “50/50 distance” where your oppo can’t decide whether to clear you or block. Depends on each oppo, and changes during games

(d) use the furniture

• Hide from your oppo behind hoops and other balls so they can’t hit you
• When hitting them away, try & put them where they can’t see you

(e) play your own game, not theirs

• Tts easy to start playing your oppo’s game, but they’ll usually be better at that than you, so play to your own strengths
• Keep alert and adjust to what is happening – if they’re having a bad day, missing hoops/clearances/jumps then you can take more liberties

(f) be patient

• Play to your percentages (and practice to improve them) so don’t try miracle shots unless you have to.
• It is often better to just load another ball in front of the hoop rather than try a difficult clearance/block trying to ensure that your other ball can run the hoop
straight away.
• Play to win the game, not just the next hoop.

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