Golf Chipping Nets Buying Guide – What To Know

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Golf is never complete without golf chipping nets. Basically, they work as a screen which stands in front of a ball to catch it. There are three elements you need to understand in this regard: your imagination, finesse, and memory.  A number of players credit their short score success to golf chipping nets. Therefore, finding finer results in golfing depend largely on the type golf chipping nets you choose. So, what do you look for when choosing the best gear? Here is a precise but ultimate buying guide for your next Chipping Net. Take a look:

1 Indoor or Outdoor Game

If you are looking for a net for an indoor game, then you need bit smaller size. The outdoor chipping nets on the other side are larger and often more stable.

  • Prefer those nets which you can dig into the ground to prevent the effects of wind when practicing during the windy
  • The results should be instant for each shot so that you can focus on what counts instead of running after balls.
  • It should also come with good height so that it can handle some irregular shots as well.

2 Size


When it comes to storage and transport, size of a chipping net is important.

  • You should opt for something that is easy to store and moving around with.
  • The best chipping net is the one you can easily fold and adjust according to the availability of your storage space.
  • It should be lightweight, easy to collapse, and easy to install.
  • The bag should be designed in easy to handle and slim shape.


3 Design

Chipping nets are designed according to the target. In addition to that, the net should be optimized with multiple functions. Most of them are designed to function as 3 nets.

  • A good net also has a bulls-eye in the middle so that you can easily make light-handed shots in the air.
  • Although chipping nets come in various designs yet your best bet is something convenient, easy set-up and the one that is highly portable.
  • It should have multiple targets to increase your accuracy.
  • It should be easy to use with a smooth pop-up design.

4 Style and Effectiveness

Golf chipping nets come in various forms, sizes, and color.  The style of the net depends on your personal preferences and liking. For you to perform effectively with the net, you must choose the net style which supports your unique needs.

  • It should support any skill level.
  • It should work for both left and right handed golfers.
  • A good Golf Chipping Net should give you a chance to perform a lot of swings.
  • Its stability is very important, especially when practicing during windy season.

5 Durability

Golf Chipping net should be made using the best durable material, which is a high-grade nylon in most cases.

  • Moreover, the material used should allow you to practice your shots in all-weather condition.
  • The material should be supportive and it should not allow the ball to bounce out of the net.
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