FOOTJOY GOLF SHOES REPAIRED! with Vibram California // Crazy Golf With Ron at Top Golf!

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These FootJoy golf shoes are being resoled with vibram california soles, were also replacing the golf studs with some cool colurful vibrant studs! Stick around until the end as me and Ron are heading to Top golf watford for a round of crazy golf! If you’re interested in a Tring shoe repair job, message us on the facebook page.

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Facebook – Tring shoe repairs

(0:00) Part 1
(8:40) Part 2
(18:00) Finished & Top Golf

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  1. Tring shoe repair & key shop says

    I'm back guys! Hope you enjoy the video and there are plenty more on the way. One thing we won't talk about is my golf swing!

  2. John Smith says

    You know I liked this channel when you were a professional cobbler, and stead of the idiot comedian cobbler!!!

  3. RAFA Raphael says

    Loved the video mate 👌🏼 😝😝🤪 and the shorts 😏😏😉😉😂😂🤣 plus do you train an Apprentice 🤔🤔

  4. Tonyinc10 says

    What’s the name of that sole stripper? Is it really Jerk-off lmao 😂

  5. Chris Johnson says

    Never thought I’d enjoy watching various shoes being repaired as much as I do. Love the channel! Not a lot of people do what you do anymore!

  6. Tony says

    Hey I’m an excellent golfer

  7. CODENAME says

    The love of my life is moving to the UK, im genuinly scared she meets you.

  8. affan mobile says

    Hi, do you know where I can get the metal base plates with anchors? I would like to make a new pair of golf shoes!

  9. Jaime Velazquez says

    subscribed you have great videos

  10. Benjamin Matte says

    The Kray boys would be impressed lol

  11. Wintersky136 says

    5:50 just use the press and press the in?

  12. Wintersky136 says

    7:45 why don‘t you use a hot flat iron to eveb the cork?

  13. DetroiT says

    Bedos leather works, have a look

  14. Yf Deboel says

    Like the ending!

  15. James Klebenow says

    Glad to see you back! I always look forward to your content.

  16. Sofia Cirigli says

    Hi Dan, I'm learning to make sandals and I came across your channel and love it

  17. Osman Mertsoz says

    Excellent job

  18. Ali Raza says

    Awesome 👍

  19. TheUndefinedGhost says

    Hearing the Whistle Stop song from Robin Hood at 10:20 brings back sooo many memories.
    Right in the childhood.

  20. Eilir Angel says

    Great watching a skilled craftsman at work, but have to ask what was wrong with those as they looked pretty much brand new.

  21. Steve Phung says

    Which is easier to resole Blake stitch or good year welt? Which last longer

  22. Stuart smith says

    Have you thought of getting an air gun for the nails with a silent compressor

  23. S Young says

    How much did that cost?

  24. Yahuahs child says

    nice video. your jokes are called Flachwitze in Germany. we say : Füsse hoch der Witz kommt flach. 😂😂😂

  25. Jonathon Curran says

    SLOmo of the victor would be G. Keep it up 👏👏👏💪💪💪💪

  26. Kerri Adkins says

    I love watching people who love what they do! I couldn’t help but notice he’s got some strong hands 😅 It kind of reminded me if Tarzan had come back to England with Jane and got a real job 🤣 keep up the good work!

  27. QuickQuips says

    Nice. You and Bedo do quite a bit of hammering while putting soles on. I suppose the new one has some shock absorption. Some even align nails though it might be meant for wood.

  28. Claudio Santarelli says

    molto bravo complimenti……..

  29. ABAH aips Aip says

    I was amazed to see the tutorial,I also made a turorial for making shoes

  30. Mark Williams says

    I have just subscribed to your channel think you do grate stuff keep going my mate look forward to more grate videos 👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Ted Zink says

    Wow. So interesting to see the processes used to resole a shoe. Having golf shoes redone only added to the experience. My fear is that shoe repair shops will ultimately disappear as cheaper shoes dominate the market. Great video.

  32. Ivan Carter says

    I'm.trying to catch up …when did you do your last upload??

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