Everything you need to know about Golf at Walt Disney World

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Golf at Disney World is an AMAZING experience and today we are going over everything you need to know to have a magical time teeing off from the most magical turf in the world!

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  1. Daniel Kelly says

    Arriving the first week in august and my intention was to bring my grandson golfing ( beginner) so I,ll most likely take him to the nine hole course..Thanks …maybe we'll see you on the putting green

  2. Remy Kay says

    Michael, go with the white golf hat. I'd look great on it.

  3. LP Morano says

    Mini Golf: Tons of Fun, Real Golf: Hard pass

  4. Frankie Zefran says

    Falcon Fire 🔥 is Amazing its not Disney BuT its right there close to you

  5. Molly E says

    So glad you are getting into golf! You have access to some beautiful courses at Disney World. You're right, it makes the experience so much more magical to see the monorail, Polynesian etc along the way. Listen for the Magic Kingdom train too once it's back up and running on the Palm/Magnolia Courses! 🙂 Loved seeing the merchandise too in the pro shops! Can't wait to get back there and play some golf before or after a visit to the parks.

  6. Dole Whip A Day says

    I love learning about the golf courses! It's a side of Disney I have never seen. Thank you!

  7. R-Peyman says

    Glad to see you getting more into golf Michael! It's a lifelong struggle!

  8. Amanda Mctyre says

    I would only partake in the shopping 😛 🏌️

  9. Sheepdog says


  10. Dennis George says

    Thank you Mike, for finally someone telling about golf at Disney. We are golfers and have golf at Disney numerous times. My son and his wife got engaged at the 18th hole at the Palms, fantastic. They came out with drinks, gave them some Disney golf gifts, very cool of Disney. Just last year we celebrated my birthday at Magnolia course, and yes Disney meet us at the 18th hole with some Disney gifts, I was very surprised and ok shed a tear. Awesome staff at Disney golf, if you like golfing, don't pass on golfing at Disney a very cool experience and very worth while. Good luck on your golf game Michael, maybe we will see you out there.

  11. Jason Peterson says

    Love the Disney courses. They are always well maintained but definitely on the pricey side. I would go more but I have have closer more affordable courses and I don’t care to get paired with others since I am not satisfied with my golfing abilities.

  12. Jason Peterson says

    The visor is good if you don’t have thinning hair and a bald spot to protect. I think it’s the LBV course that you hit over some of the water ways and you will see the occasional boat transportation traffic.

  13. Bailey Urick says

    more golfing videos please!! great job.

  14. James Burkhart says

    Fellow golfer here. So glad to see you interested in the sport & look forward to more golfing content. Hit’m straight!

  15. Pete Rogers says

    I have played all the Disney courses many times and I like them all but I think LBV is a little more forgiving for the new golfer. There are also some very good courses near Disney that are a little les challenging. Kings Ridge on Hwy. 27 near Clermont is a very nice course and is a little shorter. Great price also.

  16. San Miguel says

    Golf? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  17. simps1121 says

    visor looks best of the 3 headgear choices. followed by the white hat, then the dark. just remember with white hats they tend to get dirty easily, and can yellow quickly inside when you sweat. so if that's the pick, invest in one of the hat protection/cleaning kits they sell.

  18. Jeremiah McKinley says

    I’ve played at Oak Trails several times

  19. Tim Starnes says

    So glad you are picking up golf – the best game for a lifetime. Keep working at it and you can improve each time. Mostly just have fun being on a beautiful golf course. I have been to the PGA tournaments they use to have there – Mickey was always there to present the trophy!

  20. Janlyn says

    You have motivated me to get back in to golf. I grew up playing at my parents country club. I have not played in 30 years. I have been going to the driving range and preparing for Disney World trip in October which now will include golf. Thank you love that you have taken up this sport!

  21. Jenn Ravellette says

    I’d love to see a foot golf video. I know Disney offers it and I’m debating doing it with my kids

  22. No B.S. Eateries says

    Golf is always fun and Disney has some great courses. -S

  23. A & J travels says

    Golfing videos are fantastic! We definitely need more!

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