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Golf Digest takes you on a spectacular flyover tour of Royal St. George’s in Sandwich, UK.

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Every Hole at Royal St. Georges in Sandwich, UK.


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  1. the fobbie II says

    my golf bucket list!

  2. John Vanzyl says

    If the weather is not windy and rainy the Pros will dominate this course.

  3. Bob Smoot says

    What a gorgeous course

  4. Steve Fowler says

    What a glorious Track…would love to have the chance to tee it up on Royal St. George.

  5. SoldierPrince says

    Only 2 par 5s… more like 4… they just decided to label 2 of them par 4's. The course is like a club bouncer… rough looking and ready to beat you up.

  6. Mike Caverhill says

    "Fictional" secret agent, James Bond.

  7. The Golf Clan says

    Who do you think will win the Open?

  8. Peter Morron says

    Was this flyover done this year..? Looks quite generous off the tee width-wise. Bombs away

  9. florancerudi says

    The Claret jug…… This will be fantastic Sunday afternoon

  10. Anvilarm07 says


  11. Jack Staten says

    38 hours away. Can't wait!!!!! My favorite tournament of the year.

  12. GeorgeBridgetower says

    I agree with Koepka.

  13. Kendall Roberts says

    I can literally hear Rick shiels saying “galf clobe”

  14. Mark Richards says

    Wonder how Bryson will get on. Just whack it.

  15. Invisible Graveyard says

    The British Open is my favorite sporting event.

  16. Barrett Ennis says

    I’d be happy to shoot 120 if I ever played there

  17. Bob Sundermann says

    Awesome drone footage. Looks like all holes may be a challenge, especially if the winds kick up!

  18. Boop it says

    "Royal St. George Golf Club" sounds racist. Can you change the name to St. George Floyd's Diversity and Inclusion Club? Thanks.

  19. Chris L says

    This course looks awesome and it goes to show what an incredible final round that Greg Norman scored to win in 1993.

  20. Matthew McDonald says

    Does anyone know the background music on holes 17 and 18?

  21. Willem Haifetz-Chen says

    st enodoc bunker…

  22. Cole Thornton says

    Nicklaus really said the courses get worse as you head south. Basically saying all the courses in England are lousy and those in Scotland are good.

  23. dave james says

    Doesn't look like there's any flat surfaces on either fairways or greens and a lot of decent shots are going to finish way off the intended position. Bit of a lottery course so the winning score will include quite a few strokes – of luck.

  24. Mark Power says

    Wind blowing here , shooting -10 will win u the Open

  25. webincome income says

    Cool looking course but seems like all the ropes along the edge of many fairways would seriously get in the way.

  26. David Bennett says

    Darren Clarke is still celebrating

  27. Gee Foo says


  28. Sam Watts says


  29. David Patel says

    The fantastic richard oceanographically mess up because earthquake outstandingly remain around a yellow dust. selfish, black-and-white death

  30. oldnew newold says

    This course should never be aloud to host THE OPEN again. It just like a Puerto Rico open.

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