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  1. Chocolate ice21 says

    Them Eminem 3s look ok I doubt ppl are gonna be crazy about those

  2. Fanai Armstrong says

    I doubt they be infrared because they would just re release the infrared 6s

  3. Off The hook says

    Damdee is off his cycle 🤣🤣🤣

  4. geeman4eva123 says

    I'll cop the 6's looks good to me

  5. Kevin Kevin says


  6. dapluva1 says

    All of them weak

  7. isaac says

    What about you paying for companion ship with a ex failed pornstar

  8. Michael Johnson says

    The Air Kiy k.o. coming next since the leather fake jordan getting canceled. Dee gonna cop them for the toe also.

  9. LateNightLou says


  10. money345 atherley says


  11. Julian Mack_a_Fool says

    Jordan brand gone mess it up and used 3 different reds like they always do 🤣

  12. Eazy Da Chef says

    Dem red thunders boo boo cuzz

  13. cerina woehrley says

    Them 4 are going to be brighter red
    in person

  14. Is2fiftyslow Fsport says

    Those eminem jordan ass shot 3s are wack, smfh garbage

  15. Michael Lattimore says

    You banging blood

  16. jerry lee says

    Cop my early ajko storm blue. Getting mine sept. 3

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