Driver Cheat | Petroleum Jelly on Driver Test

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We tested a myth in this video on Driver Cheat | Petroleum Jelly on Driver Test. We covered the driver face with oil and hit some balls to put a myth to the test. Find out the results inside. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we’ll see if we can get some different numbers with an oil application, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.
I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. LE GEND says

    Cool video, I wonder if you were to intentionally try to hit toe and heel shots with the driver slicked up and not slicked up what results you would get. Keep up the good work 🏌️

  2. Golf Buddy says

    Gear effect is your friend

  3. paraconda94 says

    You need a driver fitting. Your spin numbers are killing you.

  4. Denzel says

    Lol slicked up face

  5. Bobby S says

    C'mon Spec, he's usin' the grease

  6. nathanlafortune100 says

    I do this. Just a little will do, bonus, you can check your contact mark on the face of the driver. I play about 5 times a year and have a nasty slice. It was frustrating and causing me to not have a good time when I did play. This trick total eliminated my slice. Golf is fun again.

  7. bogushavis says

    Find an 18 handicapper who is hitting it 240 yards with about 4000rpm of backspin. Put a VERY THIN layer of petroleum jelly on the club face and he'll hit it 275.
    Take a scratch golfer hitting it 300 with 2000rmp, grease his club face and he'll lose distance.

  8. Cody Lynch says

    Do you game the Snell red or black?

  9. Joe C. says

    Ive heard of that 20 something years ago there was a article in golf digest about golf cheats. always wondered if it works

  10. Lance Rodenbaugh says

    Good conclusion, I am about to watch the next video 👊🐯👊

  11. Kurt Justin says

    ur left foot coming off the ground…

  12. clevited says

    Hey Clay, don't know if you read these messages so long after you upload but I have a question about the range balls you use. My range has the same ones it looks like and in as good of shape as the ones you are using. Are those supposed to be "full flight"? Thanks.

    I watch vid again, saw you did mention they are limited flight. Are they actually limited flight or are they supposed to be full flight but because they super durable, behave as limited flight balls?

  13. T mo says

    Clay is a pro and he hits it superb! Give the grease to an avg golfer who puts way too much spin on the ball he will hit it straighter and longer every time. I had a friend who hit banana slices with his driver. I showed him this. He went years without beating me. Now he scores lower than me half the time. After using grease for a while, most golfers no longer need it because they swing better. Its crazy but true.

  14. William says

    Been doing this for 3 years.   I have dropped my league handicap 4 strokes.  I could always drive the ball around 260 but was pretty wild.  After I started greasing I might have lost 10 yards but I hit 75% more fairways.  Every drives goes very straight and you really can`t cut or draw the ball.  Even my playing partners now comment on how accurate my drives are.The key is to apply a very thin layer. I apply it and then wipe it so there is very thin layer on the driver head.

  15. Eric R says

    I have to admit that for the last 3 rounds of golf I played, I’ve been using a anti-slice product called Slic Stic on my driver that bought on Amazon. It looks like and has the consistency of a sunblock face stick. The stick is opaque but it’s clear when you apply a thin layer to the face. I have a major push slice with my driver that I haven’t been able to fix, even after endless hours of trying to implement all of Clays TSG techniques in his various videos on the topic of driver slice.

    I’ve tried strengthening my grip. I’ve tried rotating my right wrist toward the target during my downswing, while keeping my right elbow tucked in. I’ve also tried club paths that are more in to out, more out to in, more straight down the target line. I’ve video taped my swing and probably spent hundreds of hours doing different drills at the range, but nothing I have tried could fix my driver push slice. I don’t have a slice with my 3 wood or my irons. I have a tendency to hit a slight fade with my irons and 3 wood, but not a huge push slice like my driver. But the anti-slice compound in the Slic Stic has been a miracle worker.

    The last 3 rounds of golf I’ve hit an amazing 70% of fairways and once I started having success hitting my driver straight on the first few holes, I ended using my driver on every 4 and 5 par on the course for the 3 rounds. And on the rare occasions when I missed the fairway, I only usually only missed by 5 to 10 yards in the short rough, not 50 yards into the woods, water hazards, or out of bounds like before I started using this product. Before using the Slice Stic, I was hitting only 30% of fairways with my driver and I achieved some of those by lining up aiming way left of target at address, but that’s a terrible solution because the severity of my push slice is very inconsistent and on rare occasions I hit my drives straight causing my drives to go way left of the fairway.

    Now for the downside of putting an anti-slice compound on the face of my driver: significantly less distance. I’m not sure exactly what causes the loss of distance, but I assume it’s due to the knuckle ball effect with much less spin and perhaps the compound itself absorbs some of the force causing lower ball speeds. I haven’t had a chance to test this hypothesis with my Mevo launch monitor, but I think the cause of less distance is mainly due to the knuckle ball effect and not the compound absorbing some of the force and reducing the force on the ball because I only apply a very thin layer and the clear compound on the face of my driver. Regardless of the cause, on the rare occasions that I hit a straight drive without using Slic Stic, my average carry distance was 225. Since I’ve been using Slic Stic on my drive, my average carry distance distance has dropped to 195. But I can live with 200 yard carry distance if I’m hitting 70% of fairways.

  16. Eric R says

    The problem with Clay’s experiment is that he drove the ball relatively straight to begin with so the compound on the face of his driver didn’t have much work to do. Where the compound on the face of the driver really makes a big difference is when you hit a big slice or push slice. I would like to see him redo this experiment but swing the driver in a way that would normally cause a big slice. Make that similar slice swing with and without a compound on his driver face and see if there is a big difference in ball flight. Analyze the club path, face to path, and ball impact location on face and find a combination that would normally cause a huge slice. I’m confident that Clay would see a much bigger effect when using a gel on the club face.

    Also I would like to se him test some of the actual anti-slice products. It’s very possible that the compound they use in those products is a lot more effective than simply using petroleum jelly. I can tell you that the anti-slice product Slic Stic has the look and consistency of a sunblock face stick and it doesn’t look or feel anything like petroleum jelly. I haven’t tried petroleum jelly but I can tell you for fact that Slic Stic works as advertised.

  17. TadD68 says

    you should try astroglide, that may add further trajectory 🤣

  18. Mark Ingram says

    I have seen a lot of pros testing this with flight scopes and you are the first one that did not a large reduction in spin. Try petroleum jelly. Not sure why you would not have the same results unless the product was different.

  19. dave c says

    it's straighter, but loses distance.

  20. mixter7x7 says

    you're a pretty straight ball striker. you don't struggle with hooks or slices….so considering the geometry of ball spin – this may not effect your results as much as it does others.

  21. superque4 says

    I just know my Vaseline covered ball will head straight for the closest bunker telling everyone on the course there's shenanigans afoot.

  22. Yokamato Kin says

    I played mini golf before.

  23. Hockey4Fun says

    What app do you use to track your ball trajectory?

  24. Torrey Loucks says

    It looks like there's an outlier in the stats for the oil condition on shot 7. If you look at the results without shot 7, the differences may be more interesting.

  25. chubeviewer says

    the way golf balls are dimpled acts the same way as grooves, preventing aquaplaning to a certain extent, by allowing the water to be forced off the contact ridges on the ball and into the dimples as it's being compressed against the face. I think the same would happen here, I reckon polishing your driver face is your best bet for less spin, and roughing up your sand wedges will do the opposite.

  26. Josh Huse says


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