Common Golf Treatment, Injuries, And Prevention (End)

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Warming Up

Warm up by swinging at a slower, more relaxed pace and gradually work up to full speed. Be sure to warm up both the upper and lower body. As the level of activity increases, the muscles burn more oxygen and their temperature rises. When perspiration begins, the muscles are warmed and are ready for a workout.


Stretch only after having warmed up; a cold muscle is more likely to tear when stretched. Perform stretches slowly and deliberately, holding each position for at least five seconds.


Proper posture and swing mechanics are important for avoiding injury and reducing stress on muscles and joints.

Strength Training

Focus on the core area, which means rotational strength and flexibility of the chest, stomach and back. Also maintain good strength and flexibility in the arms and shoulders.

Common Golf Treatment, Injuries, And Prevention (End)


Flexibility in your wrists, shoulders, legs and core (including the back) is important. Incorporate stretching into your workout and golf routine.


Fuel your body with a meal of protein and carbohydrates two hours before you tee off, then eat a couple of snacks during the round to maintain blood sugar levels. This will provide you with more than enough energy to get you through 18 holes. Drink plenty of fluid both prior to and during your round. Water is best for hydration. Alcohol and caffeine act as diuretics and can cause you to lose water. A doctor or physical therapist can assist you in developing a proper strength, flexibility and nutrition plan.

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