Review: Cobra Golf Men’s King F7 Driver 2017

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Cobra always improves their products. They do it by using feedback from customers which makes their products near to perfect. Cobra King F7 is an advancement of King F6. This awesome Golf Driver comes with 3 Drivers in 1 design that entails giving in an adjustable center of gravity, MYFLY8 technology with SMARTPAD, a forged Ti-811 E9 Face and an Extreme Carbon Fiber Crown. It also uses a graphite shaft that you can get in senior, regular, stiff and x-stiff flexes.


This fantastic golf driver is traditional and really very comfortable. It comes in three colors Black, Blue and Silver. the round head sits squarely behind the ball, and its goldilocks graphics fall between busy and bland; the Cobra emblem provides a nice reference for alignment.


King F7 has a very soft feel in hand. It is easy to get moving with this driver but still, it is steady like a rock. There is no compromise for speed. Its stability creates consistency.


Here is the best part: Once you get it in your hands, Cobra King F7 is almost automatic; it helps you enough to give you a look at the target. This is the club you want in every match you want to win.


With King F7, you don’t have to worry about mishits because your mishits fly just as far as center strikes and people won’t notice them. There are some adjustments which unlock a few more yards. You can get the balance to maximize your distance by varying the loft through 3 degrees over five settings using MyFly8.


Adjustability is a crucial factor, and the available choices have a fundamental effect on ball flight. It might be the perfect golf club for mastering your swing flaw du jour. You can order up curves, but it actually shines as a point-and-shoot fairway finder.

Features and Design

3 Drivers in 1: With King F7 you will be like buying three drivers for the price of one, thanks to its three different CG settings (Back, Front and Heel).

Extreme Carbon Fiber Crown: Cobra has used extreme carbon fiber for making the crown, which makes it 20% lighter. With this Crown, you can redistribute weight for maximum forgiveness and distance.

MYFLY8 with SMARTPAD: With MYFLY8 technology you can adjust loft settings, which make you able to get excellent launch conditions and trajectory.

Shaft: It has graphite shaft which is available in four main driver flexes (senior, regular, stiff and x-stiff).


When it comes to the manufacturers of best golf drivers, Cobra always stays outstanding. King F7 is an improvement of their most successful driver King F6. It has a massive sweet spot which is hard to miss and for mid-handicappers, it is one of the most forgiving drivers.

There are a lot of great features in King F7 which makes it a great golf driver. Its awesome feel and forgiveness are enough to improve your skills and experience on the course. If you want a good golf driver, go for it.

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