Review: Cobra 2017 King F7 Single Length Iron Set

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These game-improvement irons have a single length design, something that has had golfers talking since Bryson DeChambeau used them to great effect at The Masters. In fact, this new set of Cobra has been inspired by the player. Each club has the length of a 7-iron, which allows players to use the same setup for every swing. Adapted from the King Forged players line, the F7 sets have a cavity back, and their weights are designed to give a consistent feel.


As with many game-improvement irons, the F7s feature a larger head. The head looks quite traditional, with mid-thickness sole and topline. Interestingly, the graphics on the back of the head signify the Cobra brand itself. However, it is the single length feature that makes the F7s stand out in the looks department. You can easily spot a single length set, as they all sit at the same height in a golf bag. It is also a feature that many players may struggle to get used to. A pitching wedge may look like it is designed too long until you use it and realize its effectiveness.


The F7 clubs may feel very different on the first few swings. However, you will soon get used to them, and with consistent length and weight throughout the set, they will offer a very consistent, enjoyable experience. On impact, the clubs have a heavy feel, and you can easily tell when you hit the sweet spot with a low, punchy noise.


Designed as game-improvement clubs, the larger head and low-down weight of the F7s help with distance. Even off-center swings manage to keep direction and power in most circumstances. Their single length and consistent weight and feel are essential game-changing features, making it easy to hit the spot using any club in the set, with relatively little practice.


Although every club in the set has the length of a 7-iron, players would have different experiences across the range. Short irons are little different to the conventional ones, and as a result, tend to fly higher and are more workable than you would expect. However, the 4, 5 and 6-irons tend to fly lower than you would expect. Nonetheless, the consistent weight and feel across all the clubs help in improving distance and speed. In fact, for many players, the ability to use them, in the same way, can be incredibly beneficial, making it much easier to do a good swing in any situation.

Distance Control

While they are capable of allowing players to hit the ball further than the average irons, the key feature of the F7s is consistency. The setup means that once dialed in on one iron, you can reliably hit the center on all of them, which results in excellent height, speed and distance. Off-center, they may lose some speed compared to other game-improvement ranges but will make up for it with how easy it is to hit that middle most of the time. It is a different approach, but it does have its own advantages.


The single length is not for everyone, and some people will never really get used to it, especially for the short irons. Even those that do can find them a little unwieldy for finesse shots. The long irons do not always deliver the extra distance that game-improvement clubs may be expected to do.


You cannot talk about the Cobra 2017 King F7 One Length irons without looking at the defining feature of these clubs, the single length. It provides a different experience compared to traditional clubs and transforms the feel and playability of all the irons in the set. For those who can get used to them, or for beginners who start out with them, they can provide a way to get to grips with irons. With their consistency regarding weight, length, and feel, they can help any golfer find their setup with all their irons and new confidence in their game.

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