Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

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Designed to be game-improvement irons, the Launcher HB Iron set is built using the latest technology and has a hybrid look. They are claimed to be the easiest hitting iron set available today, with their full hollow construction creating a deeper center of gravity and making it easier to produce height and distance. How are they as golf clubs? Do they have something to offer to those who feel that they do not need all the help?


There is no getting away from the fact that they look like hybrid clubs, and for many people that can be off-putting. They feature a full hollow crown construction and have a stepped design that takes weight from above the middle to below it, which gives the hybrid appearance. At address, they do look a little different, and for some, that again can be an issue. Nonetheless, if a club can perform amazingly well, most of us will get used to the looks. So, what do the Launcher HB irons bring?


While they may have a chunky look to them, they have a soft feel in hand. With their sizeable hollow cavity, the clubs are not the most responsive clubs on the market today. The deep, snappy sound on impact is very much like that of a cavity back iron, while the overall design has produced a well-balanced club that does inspire confidence.


Cleveland claims that the Launcher HB Irons are the easiest irons to hit the market, which may very well be true. When you set up the clubs behind the ball, they inspire confidence, tame off-center hits, maintain ball speed and direction, as well as deliver distance and height consistently. Some may think that they have too much forgiveness; however, for beginners or anyone looking to improve their skills, those irons simply make the game easier.


These clubs are a joy to use. Whatever you swing is like, you get the ball speed, height and distance you want. Wherever on the surface that the ball makes contact, it flies off as if you struck a perfect ball on some other clubs. The extra lift of the crown gets real results, even with off-center hits. There is nothing on the market that compares to the Launcher HB Irons for easy, reliable performance.

Distance Control

Hit the center with these irons, and the ball just flies.You can easily add 10 or more yards to your game with any of these clubs on a perfect hit. But that is not the standout for these clubs. It is that you can match your current best distance even with an off-center hit. Whatever you do with them, the ball just goes high and far, with even direction being relatively controlled on an off swing. It would take some real effort to fluff a shot with these irons completely.


The biggest problem with the Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set is that people think they offer too much help, that it is somehow wrong to use them, and that they may make golfing less enjoyable. The looks are also not to everyone’s taste. That hybrid appearance certainly makes them look a little bulky, which is different from the sleek, engineered looks that you often get with a cavity back game-improvement iron.


If you are having trouble with your iron game, the Launcher HBs is the solution. Regarding game-improvement features, there is nothing on the market that is as easy to hit as these irons. For beginners and improvers, put those preconceptions about hybrid style clubs to one side and give them a try. The ability to hit irons consistently and efficiently will change your game completely.

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