Review: Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set

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The MT in the name stands for medium trajectory, and with a low center of gravity, forged face and hollow construction, that is just what they provide. A game improvement iron aimed at golfers looking to gain consistency while retaining distance and control, the 588 MT sets offer a blend of tech and robust construction that make them a pleasure to own and use.


Featuring a long, rectangular body and a wide sole, with plenty of contrast between the grooves and the smooth body, the 588 MT sets are larger than the average club. Rather than having a cavity back, they are filled in, creating a hollow head. That gives them a similar appearance to muscle back style clubs, which is, for many people, a popular and inspiring look.


The design looks stout and robust, and that is how they feel as well. Although the clubs may be softer than what you would expect, a vibration damping insert will keep your hands comfortable at all times. The sound is a little lacking in snap, which may be due to the hollow construction. However, with their forged face adding a sweetness to the feel, the 588 MTs are clubs that work with you every step of the way and give you confidence in all conditions.


The design of these clubs keeps the weight low in the head. With a forged face insert and clever rounded sole design, they deliver faster ball speed and longer distance, regardless of the lie and especially on a full swing.

They are extremely forgiving, with even mishits providing speed and maintaining distance, and always fly straight. Their weighty head helps them avoid excessive bouncing when going through the turf, ensuring that you can be confident in the outcome with any lie. The clubs deliver consistent results even when you do not hit that sweet spot.


The rounded soles make this club easy to use even on rough and uneven lies, resisting any digging and building confidence. On a full swing, they deliver a higher ball flight than some of their competitors and provide good distance as a result. The 588 MT sets are designed for control, and they get that right. While the weight and strength are there, these clubs also have a finesse that enables real control. They have all the game-improvement features without compromising control and finesse, something that cannot be said of several of their competitors.

Distance Control

Distance control is where the 588 MTs can offer consistency, with some distance improvement on a well-struck shot, but much less distance loss on a mishit. Off-center hits produce predictable results, with distance maintained and little loss of direction. That is, as game-improvement clubs, what these irons are designed to do. While they may not achieve the maximum distance, the level of performance from off-center hits provides a real difference.


The looks are not to everyone’s taste. With a larger head, thick topline, and wide sole, they look a little hefty compared to others. Likewise, the technology used offers results but perhaps reduces the feel a bit too much compared to what some players prefer, especially considering the lack of feedback that other clubs may provide. Regarding their game-improvement features, particularly distance control, they are also bettered by others.


The 558 MTs are game-improvement irons that provide an inspiring appearance, with a large head, a wide topside, and a thick sole. Combined with the weighty feel, they deliver remarkable performance. Not only do they help to maintain great distance even on mishits, but they also allow great direction control. Straight flight is possible to obtain from any lie, thanks to the rounded soles. This is arguably the essence of those irons: They can deliver all the game-improvement benefits but still allow finesse and control when needed, giving a rounded performance that will satisfy even the most demanding golfers.

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