Review: Callaway Apex CF16 Irons

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A set of game-improvement irons that take the Callaway Apex brand’s beautiful looks and exceptional quality and place them in a forgiving and effective set of irons. Using forged construction, these CF16 irons target a wide range of golfers and offer real performance to those looking to get to the next level with their game. Maintaining a relatively small head for game-improvement irons, they provide a quality experience and great forgiveness.


Few will complain about the way these clubs look. Using a mix of polished and satin-finish metal and matte black details, they look like and are indeed quality products. They do not employ the flair and open technology of some other irons on the market, but their more traditional appearance is one reason why they are well-liked. Their head is larger than a traditional blade, but not extremely so. They also have a slightly wider topside and thick soles. However, the whole design is beautiful.


The sound at impact is quite soft, but it has a pleasing clip to it. The general feel is incredibly responsive, thanks to the forged nature of the construction. These clubs have a great balance and stability, inspiring confidence in any situation and provide exceptional feedback. You always know how you swing with these clubs. In short, they are informative and inspiring.


In many ways, the forgiveness offered belies the looks of the clubs. Although their players clubs’ appearance and fierce angles hint at aggressiveness in action, you will find them to be forgiving clubs as they are claimed to be. Not only do they deliver one of the longest distances amongst all the irons on the market, but they also do that consistently. It takes work to get a mishit out of these clubs. You can swing anywhere on the face to see good height and distance, and the clubs will give you a straight shot even when your swing is not as good as it should be.


The Apex CF16 irons are clubs that breed confidence. Their forgiveness drives you to push your limits. If you are just getting to the point of shaping the ball, these are the clubs to use. The forged construction means plenty of control, and the clubs allow you to finesse shots where needed. A finer face than many other game-improvement irons, they blend both control and forgiveness in a way that few can match, giving players the confidence to take on any situation. The fine sole also cuts through rough easily, allowing high performance regardless of the lie.

Distance Control

The combination of forged, flat face and clever weight distribution means that the ball flies off the club. Their forgiveness means great distance, even off-center. These CF16 irons can give you half-club extra, which can be game-changing for those struggling with their iron game. Off-center hits still get enough height to get you to the green, and all this is achieved without compromising any control.


The Apex CF16s cut a fine line between finesse and assistance. For some golfers, they may not provide enough control, while for others, not enough help. The low loft of some of the irons can be challenging for those who are used to something more height-focused. As such, they are not as forgiving as the best irons in that area.


The Callaway Apex CF16 Irons have everything. From the high-quality construction to the eye-catching look, they are beautiful clubs to own. However, it is their performance that shines. Although they strike a balance between assistance and precision that may leave some wanting more of either, for the most part, that balance is well placed. There is no question that these clubs deliver. Whether you are looking to improve your skills in shot finesse or get to the next level from a 70+ handicap, these wonderful irons can do it all.

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