OGIO Golf Bags: Complete Guide for Golf Enthusiasts


OGIO has been building quite a reputation in the golfing industry. The company has been acquired by Callaway Golf Company due to their exposure into the game. Their newer designs and fresh-looking concepts have helped change the way golfers look out on the course. Along with OGIO golf bags, the company has developed products like backpacks, travel bags, street bike gear, and luggage.

Having a golf bag out on the course is essential. Without one, it would be like an archer without a quiver or an artist without an easel. Holding all of the necessities in one, organized place helps transition a nightmare experience into a pleasurable round of golf. The way you get around a course can determine what bag you bring to the course.  If you prefer riding in a golf cart, the cart bag options that OGIO offers would make more sense than a stand bag. Along with both stand and cart bags, the company provides a travel bag option when taking a trip or vacation.

1 Shredder Stand Bag

<strong>Shredder Stand Bag</strong>

The OGIO Shredder was built with the walking golfer in mind. It has an eight-way divider system for the clubs to slide down. It eliminates most clicking and bumping of the club heads while walking because each divider goes the full length of the bag. Even with the longer dividers, it is a light bag weighing in at a little over 4.5 pounds. Two support legs with sturdy bases will balance on most terrain. The lightweight bag and a triple triangle suspension strap system takes pressure and strain off of the back when carrying the sticks.

While strolling around the course, an easily accessible water bottle holster will keep the drinks cool on a warm day. Along with a water bottle compartment, there are six zippered pockets and a fleece lined valuables pocket. Next to the valuables pocket is a patch to place a glove in between shots. The color combinations include a flashy red and black, black/white/grey combination, and a grey with ash blue accents.

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2 Machu Cart Bag

<strong>Machu Cart Bag</strong>

The OGIO Machu cart bag is designed for players that tend to bring quite a bit with them on the course. Knowing that pushing a push cart or riding in a cart will not require any heaving lifting besides in and out of a car, double straps for shoulders are not included. There are eight total pockets, including a fleece-lined valuables pocket, zippered cooler pocket and a zipperless ball pocket. It does include a single strap for carrying on your back, a handle at the top, and a handle at bottom of the bag to help place it on any cart.

The Machu model has 14 individual top dividers that go all the way to the bottom to prevent clubs from getting scratched or dinged. The putter slot in the front of the bag allows for oversized putter grips and has a shorter slot for smaller putters to settle all the way to the bottom of the bag. An umbrella cord containment and a rain hood are both included for players seeking a round of golf in the wet weather.

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3 Dime Stand Bag

<strong>Dime Stand Bag</strong>

OGIO’s Dime bag is a great option for players that like to stand out. There are three different color variations and design patterns. They include a grey and black combination with stripes, red and black combination with geometric patterns, and an orange and grey combination with black stripes. It is slightly heavier than the Wisp model, but not by much.  It is a stand bag and will provide a great option for players looking to walk 9 or a full 18 holes.  An added bonus for walkers is a hip pad cushion; it minimizes the constant pressure placed against the back.  While the hip pad cushions the back, the 4-Point double shoulder straps make comfort an easy task rather than a strenuous one.

The OGIO Dime has enough storage capabilities with five pockets and a water bottle holder. The top of the Dime has six dividers and an elastic towel loop on the side of the bag.  There is an umbrella container system to the side of the legs and a rainhood is included for keeping precipitation out of the bag. While carrying it out of your car or around the club, instead of having to place it on your shoulder with the strap, a front carrying handle is added for convenience. It is a fashionable bag that does the job required for any golfer.

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4 Press Cart Bag

<strong>Press Cart Bag</strong>

The Press cart bag is an organized player’s dream. There are 8 top dividers that go the full length of the bag. This helps protect the shafts from rubbing up against each other when driving around. Getting the bag on the cart or in and out of a car can be difficult for a lot of bags. The potential for this bag getting heavy depends on how much stuff is put into the nine pockets (including a fleece-lined valuables pocket) placed around frame. The Press makes life a little easier by including lift and trunk handles.

The style of this bag is more relaxed than other OGIO styles. It is not as flashy but it still looks sharp and classy. Four different options are available including a black and green, black and orange, white charcoal and black, and black stripes with red accents. If you are planning on playing in some wet conditions, a rain hood and umbrella holder are included. When the weather is good, a Velcro glove patch can be used for easy on-and-off transitions between shots.

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5 Grom Stand Bag

Details were not overlooked with the OGIO Grom model. The classy black color scheme looks good any time of year. The bag includes a 14 top dividers shaped in a diamond pattern to keep clubs separated and organized. The putter slot is able to hold the oversized grips, if necessary. Storage space is not a problem with this product.  It has some of the newer technology implemented in the pockets, including a zipperless ball pocket and the fleece-lined valuables pocket found on many OGIO golf bags. There is also a slot where three balls can be placed for easy reloading if you need one quickly.

Carrying the clubs around is a simple task thanks to OGIO’s TORQ Strap and SHOXX X4 suspension system on the bag. This helps distribute weight evenly across the shoulder and takes pressure off of the lower back.

6 Silencer Stand Bag

The Silencer’s name is quite fitting. OGIO has developed new technology to secure clubs into place without having the clubheads or shafts spinning and twisting to hit up against each other. The top of the bag holds the club secure with a protection membrane while the bottom locks the club in place. The top dividers hold 14 clubs comfortably and silently.  Walking players can use this while quietly advancing towards the hole while other players are hitting. Players generally stop out of respect to eliminate noise while golfers in their group are hitting. This can speed up play because instead of waiting for every shot, a respectful walk can lead to shots being played more rapidly. The technology is also great when riding in a cart because clubs tend to rattle around a lot when going over different terrain.

The OGIO Silencer is offered in three different color combinations. They offer a darker carbon, bright copper, and a sleek grey option. The bag is loaded with a cart strap channel but has features promoting walking. There is an insulated water bottle pocket that is easily accessible when strolling around the course. Seven pockets fill the outer spaces of the bag and includes a detachable front pocket for customization or embroidery application. It is a great bag for either walking or riding because of its unique feature silencing the clubs.

7 Straight Jacket Travel Bag

The OGIO Straight Jacket travel bag is a great alternative to standard travel bags. It has a unique design and a style that only OGIO can produce. With the light-weight cover weighing only 7.5 pounds, it gives a golfer more room to work with when trying to meet weight standards given by airlines. The larger wheels at the bottom offers smooth transportation and can be pulled across most terrain. The length of the bag is 52 inches (1.3 meters) and can fit bags as big as tour staff bags and regular stand bags.

While trying to fit all of your essentials into the travel bag, if most of the space is taken in the main bag pocket, two outer pockets are convenient for additional space. The top portion of the bag is lined with soft padding to eliminate any worrying thoughts about clubs getting damaged or scratched while moving. The flashy protective cover comes in four different designs. It is available in green/black, all black carbon, navy with white polka dots, and pewter.

8 Vapor Stand Bag

The OGIO Vapor is a simple yet effective stand bag. Something described with vapor qualities is unseen but extremely light compared to its states in liquid or solid forms.  The bag may not stand out with flashy designs but it delivers a light-weight product (4.5 pounds) like the name describes. Even if you fully load the bag with weight, a 4-Point double shoulder strap system helps relieve stress put on your back. While lifting in and out of a car or on to a cart (if you are riding), two lift grips are included near the top dividers as well as at the bottom near the base of the bag.

Storage is not an issue with the Vapor. Seven zippered pockets with a fleece-lined valuables pocket helps keep out unwanted elements and safely secures objects placed in them. The top dividers are split into eight slots including a space for oversized putter grips. OGIO includes a rain hood and an umbrella containment system to fight off any inclement weather faced out on the links.

9 Wisp Lightweight Stand Bag

The lime green, black and grey combinations make the Wisp bag noticed instantly out on the links.  It is a very light stand bag weighing in at four pounds, which makes it convenient for players carrying their clubs around. The triple-triangle shoulder strap system on the bag will also make the challenge of hauling the sticks easier.  Helping the average walking golfer is the main goal of this bag. To help support that goal, it includes an accessible (while walking) water bottle holder that is insulated to help keep your drink cold on a hot day.

The OGIO Wisp has a valuables pocket that is weather-resistant. This helps when an unsuspecting shower or other elements try to damage important things like a cell phone, wallet or keys.  An umbrella holder and rain hood also help keep the elements away. On the Wisp model, there are eight top dividers to separate clubs and includes an oversized putter slot.  With five total pockets, storage is not an issue with this bag.  There is one ball pocket that is conveniently detachable for embroidering purposes.

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