Best Mini Golf Putter Sets – The Top Ones in 2018

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Mini golf is often known as a game for family outings which can help players stay in good shape. When it comes to setting up a mini golf course, putters are among the most important elements.

If you are using the right golf putter, then the top of the putter will touch your body at around the belt level when you get into position. At the same time, your hands will be placed near the middle of the grip. To save your time of looking around, we’re reviewing the best mini golf putter sets trusted by many players – adults and children alike – over the past few years. Read on to find out which mini golf putter set suits you best.

1 Champion Sports Mini Golf Clubs

<strong><b>Champion Sports Mini Golf Clubs</b></strong>

This product by Champion Sports includes 42 pieces of miniature golf clubs. With 6 putters, 18 ringed target holes and 18 soft indoor foam golf balls in different colors, the set is ideal for kids of all ages who want to practice on indoor greens, hardwood floors or even carpets.

Made of sturdy BPA-free plastic, all 24-inch high putters are ensured to be totally safe for kids. Moreover, the clubs, holes, and balls come in matching sets of six distinct colors (red, blue, orange, green, yellow and purple), which allows up to 6 players to participate in a fun golf game.

With ease of installation, this set is a great learning tool for children to pick up basic putting skills and train their concentration and hand-eye coordination through hours of playtime and friendly competition.

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2 Spectrum Mini Golf Putter and Target Set

<strong><b>Spectrum Mini Golf Putter and Target Set</b></strong>

This set is introduced by S&S Worldwide as a customers’ favorite which enhances putting skills. It consists of 6 24-inch right-handed putters of L shape, 18 targets, and 18 foam balls.

These balls are divided into groups of three based on six bright colors (red, green, purple, orange, yellow and blue). This means each game can have up to 6 players.

The putters are designed with easy-to-hold foam grips with durable plastic shafts and heads to ensure the greatest ease during strikes for players. The solid foam balls are proved to be completely safe for children and to roll well on flat surfaces. The set is highly recommended for kids aged 3 to 9 years old.

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3 MAC-T PE08663 Foam Golf Clubs

<strong><b>MAC-T PE08663 Foam Golf Clubs</b></strong>

This set comprises 6 putters of 27 inches in length each. They are differentiated from each other by color: green, red, purple, yellow, orange and blue.

Each putter comes with a soft, comfortable foam grip and a plastic shaft and head, making it suitable to play both indoors and outdoors. The grip is secured well to the club, and the body of the club is confirmed to be as strong as a PVC pipe, not flimsy plastic.

Thanks to its sturdiness, this product can endure wear and tear during use. It also causes no damage to children. As such, it is perfect for home and school use, especially for those in need of learning fundamental golf skills.

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4 Cosom by Cramer Color Mini Golf Set

<strong><b>Cosom by Cramer Color Mini Golf Set</b></strong>

The brand Cosom by CRAMER is pretty popular among educators and retailers who seek the best equipment for students and recreational athletes. Out of the company’s products, this mini golf putter set is outstanding for its duration and wide application.

The set has 6 putters of 24 inches long, 18 targets and 18 foam balls divided into six subsets by color: blue, orange, purple, red, green and yellow. The manufacturer has paid great attention to designing putters with durable plastic shaft, head and foam grips, thereby minimizing risks of unsafety or damage during use. Solid foam balls are confirmed to roll well on both hard and soft surfaces.

Three plastic holes help facilitate multiple targets and team play while simultaneously developing golf and color recognition skills. As a result, young players can benefit a lot from playing with the set, especially in acquiring the putting skills necessary for success on the course.

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5 Conclusion

All of the products introduced in this article are highly recommended for young and amateur golfers. They have been tested regarding their duration and suitability for children use. Despite their differences in component, material, and manufacturer, they are all designed to ensure perfect golf games and bring the most fun to players.

Think about your needs and go through our list. Hopefully, you will find the most suitable mini golf putter set for your outdoor or indoor golfing activities.

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