Best Golf Push Carts In 2018 – A Review Of The Top Products


Walking around a course with a bag on your back can be tiring.  It can put pressure on your back and possibly cause injury.  Pushing around the best golf push carts can save energy and strokes in your game. More energy leads to improved focus on shots and less worrying about being able to finish a round. In this golf push cart review, you will weigh multiple factors against each other to find the best fit for you. Some of the features include storage capabilities, the amount of wheels for balance, an umbrella holder, how compact it can become, ease of folding up, brakes, and different handles for pushing. A cart can affect people differently so a golfer should first examine what is important and apply it to the different features.

It seems like some golfers want to carry around all of their life possessions with them on the golf course, while others like to keep it light.  If you are one that likes to carry a lot of stuff on the course, you may want to opt for a cart that has more storage features.  Everyone prefers to have a balanced or stable cart out on the course but it may not make sense if it does not have a great turn radius, especially if you are playing a flat, tree-lined course every day.  Through this review, you should find a great fit for your game, and ultimately save you strokes just by getting a push cart.

Below are guides to the best golf push carts available on the market today:

1 Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

<strong>Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart</strong>

The Bag Boy Quad XL golf cart model has four wheels for a great look and added stability.  It folds into a compact rectangular shape (16 inches x 17 inches x 24 inches) and weighs in at a light, 16 pounds.  The aluminum-frame tubing adds to the sturdiness and easy movability, along with no-maintenance tires fixed to it.  The front tires are slightly smaller than the back tires for easy transportation and turning around the course.  The Quad XL is equipped with enough storage for any golfer hoping for easy access to the essentials.  On top of the storage compartment is a scorecard holder to help keep track of your group’s score, without having to dig deep into the bag.  The handle is easily adjusted for a golfer of any height and includes an umbrella holder alongside the bottle holder.

While playing on the course, the brakes will be used at least once per round, so Bag Boy has placed it in a convenient place on the handle portion of the cart.  The Quad XL has improved its upper bag-holder arms to prevent less twisting out on the course when side-hill lies and bumps cause it to move.  The added improvement includes adjustable support arms that will lock any bag into place.

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2 CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

<strong>CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart</strong>

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel push cart is a helpful tool when walking around any course. With its wide base, it eliminates most threats of flipping over.  The 18-pound cart is built for a golfer looking to fully enjoy a round of golf and look stylish while doing it.  Along the back of the frame, a built-in cooler allows a golfer to store cold drinks or snacks and keep it from getting too hot.  An umbrella holder, mesh net for additional storage and a bottle holder on the side of the handle adds to the features of this golf push cart.  Even with all of the different features attached to the frame, it folds into very small dimensions for easy transportation to and from the golf course.

Two straps, one at the top and one at the bottom, provide stability for the golf bag when the cart wobbles or sways from side to side.  While hitting a shot, brakes that are pushed at the base of the two back wheels lock the cart in place and can be pushed again to unlock.  The wheels require no maintenance as they are a durable plastic material.

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3 Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart

<strong>Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart</strong>

Clicgear has made a very good, compact push cart with the Rovic Swivel model.  The fold up dimensions are impressive and is one of the smallest on the market (13 inches x 15 inches x 24 inches). It is built for maximum maneuverability around any tight space on a golf course.  If you find yourself frequently weaving in between trees, this may be the push cart for you.  The smaller front wheel is built to swivel and turn in any direction.  The wheels are made with a resilient material that requires little to no maintenance over a long period of time.  The cart is lighter than Clicgear’s 3.5 model but will not be as stable when pushing in a straight direction (as the 3.5 would be).

A new console within the handle frame gives space for a player to store miscellaneous items.  The handle includes a space for an umbrella holder and a bottle holder hangs off to the side.  A foot brake mechanism is installed for easy stopping and going, especially when challenged with tricky terrain.  The main separating feature for this cart is the ability to maintain contact with the ground when turning sharply.  Most carts will have to pick up the front tire to decrease the turning radius, while this cart can stay on the ground and turn sharply.

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4 JEF World of Golf JR828 Easy Fold Cart

<strong>JEF World of Golf JR828 Easy Fold Cart</strong>

JEF World of Golf’s JR828 is a good alternative for a golfer who wants a quality cart but does not want to invest as much money into it.  An easy button system that locks and unlocks to fold the cart into a compact product, will save time and energy when getting ready for a round.  The cart has the essential items required for a stress-free round.  Straps secure golf bags in place at both the top and bottom and rests on a sturdy frame.  The frame rests on wheels that do not need to be aired up and have grooves to keep the cart on the intended path. The top handle includes a ball holder, cup or bottle slot, and a scorecard holder.  The top handle also adjusts to different heights to put less stress on your wrists and arms while pushing.  It is a strong frame that may be a little heavier than other options, but it is durable and can withstand the elements.

5 Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding Cart

<strong>Paragon 3-Wheelie Push Pull Folding Cart</strong>

The Paragon 3-Wheelie push cart seems to be a blend of features from different brands.  The cart folds in a quick fashion and uses its aluminum tubing to keep weight from getting too heavy.  The cart has adjustable arms on both bottom and top sections to keep the golf bag in line during a round.  An added bonus when ordering this push cart is a cooler bag to keep drinks in ice cold conditions, even when the outside temperatures rise.  In the handle section of the cart, there is a mesh net to hold additional items and a scorecard holder to keep track on the group’s play.  Space for two balls and several tees line the other space left on handle portion.  On the side of the frame, an adjustable umbrella holder gives the golfer an opportunity for cover from the elements.

The cart includes brakes at the base of the frame and next to the back wheels for stop-and-go control.  While moving about the course, the smaller front wheel allows quick movements and easier turns than other bigger front wheels.  The push cart comes in both white/green and red/black options.

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6 Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart

<strong>Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart</strong>

One of the first companies to come up with a smoothly operating 4-wheeled cart.  The Clicgear 8.0 is very similar to their 3.5+ model but with an additional wheel at the front for added stability.  It folds into small dimensions for how large it can expand (21 inches-width of front tires x 35 inches-length x 29 inches-back wheel section while expanded).  The four wheels in contact with the ground adds stability but it doesn’t take away from the ability to twist and turn around objects.  It does not have a swivel feature, so the front needs to be picked up slightly if you are hoping for sharp turns, just like the 3.5+ model.   The wheels do not require maintenance because they are made of durable material and do not need to be aired up.

The golf bag will always have a snug fit on this push cart.  Adjustable arms with a stretchable cord on both the top and bottom portion of the middle core will find the correct tightness for minimal movement.  At the top of the cart, there is enough space for balls, cell phone, wallet, snacks, a water bottle and even folded up clothes.  The water bottle holder and umbrella holder are attached to the side of the handles while a center compartment and mesh net are centrally located.  The compartment is well organized and a large mesh net can hold folded-up clothes, which gives you an idea of how much space is up top.

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7 CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

<strong>CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart</strong>

If you are looking for an easy cart to push around, this might be the right one for you. The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe is one of the lightest, most efficient models weighing in at a 12.2 pounds.  At the top of the cart by the handle, an umbrella holder is included and can adjust to different angles.  This helps when playing in gusting wind and rain coming in sideways, rather than straight down. The brakes are down by the wheels and with a simple push of the button, your cart will be kept in place.  Maintenance-free, grooved tires help grip the ground with its durable material.

A padded, ergonomic handle can be placed in four different positions to help push around any load across the course.  Along with the umbrella holder, a mesh net, scorecard holder and two ball holders are found by the top handle.  When attaching your bag, there are adjustable arms with bungee straps to secure it in place.

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8 Bag Boy Tri-Swivel II Push Cart

<strong>Bag Boy Tri-Swivel II Push Cart</strong>

Bag Boy Tri-Swivel II has included a unique, separating feature with its rotating front tire to make it stand out against the rest of the options.  It is one of the few tri-wheeled carts on the market that fits most golfers’ needs.  The wheels do not require maintenance and have gripping grooves to help steer around the course.  The front tire rotates 360-degrees to give you the best turn radius while keeping contact with the ground.  If you prefer to have a locked-in-place front tire, it gives you an option to keep it in line rather than turning rapidly.  The straps will secure your bag as you are turning and are tightened manually to help strap in with Velcro. On top of the sturdy base, the handle section adjusts to fit golfers of all heights.  Below the handle rests a wheel brake, large accessory bag, mesh net, bottle holder and umbrella holder.  Even though it has all of these features, it becomes compact with a simple three-step folding system weighing only 17 pounds.

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9 Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT

<strong>Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT</strong>

The Sun Mountain is not known for making golf clubs or balls, but their company does represent a great line of equipment such as bags and push carts.  Their focus on these aspects has led to one of the best golf push carts on the market.  The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT offers reliable transportation around the golf course and eases the burden of carrying your clubs.  The 3-wheeled cart weighs less than 13 pounds and can be pushed at two different heights with an adjustable handle.  The panel on the handle is full of different features including a valuables mesh holder, ball marker, bottle holder, and scorecard holder. There is an umbrella holder that is attached to the side of the handle portion of the cart that is useful on a rainy day.  Your bag is held in place with bungee straps that simply latch on to each other.  It is very comparable to the Clicgear 3.5+ model and the CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3-Wheeled golf cart.

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10 Clicgear 3.5+ Push Cart

<strong>Clicgear 3.5+ Push Cart</strong>

The newest update to Clicgear’s 3-wheeled push cart has evolved to the 3.5+ model.  The Clicgear 3.5+ has some of the smallest dimensions (13 inches x 15 inches x 24 inches) when folding up, from its three-wheeled base to a compact carrying set.  The whole cart weighs 18 pounds and does not feel like you are adding any additional weight when pushing your bag around the course.  The distribution of weight and the easily-moving wheels make it feel like you are pushing around no mass at all.  If you happen to find yourself on a slope and need to stop the cart from rolling away, there is a handy locking brake at the top of the handle frame.

Unlike most carts that need constant refilling, the Clicgear 3.5+ model has airless tires that will last a long time.  No maintenance is ever required with the tires because of the durable material.  The assembling and disassembling process is a series of “clicks” into place.  After properly erecting the cart, the bag will not toss and turn because of flexible and adjustable straps accommodating for various bag sizes.  The storage capabilities on this model makes it one of the best golf push carts in that category.  A large mesh basket accompanied with a covered compartment by the pushing handles provides enough space for a rangefinder, water bottles, and plenty of balls.  There is an umbrella holder that can attach to the handle and shelter a golfer playing in bright sun or rainy conditions.  The 3.5+ model comes in various frame and wheel color options for an added personalization feature.

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How to Determine the Best Push Cart?

Push carts have evolved from a two-wheeled to a three-wheeled or even four-wheeled vehicle. Conserving energy by pushing a golf cart rather than carrying is a nice option to utilize out on the course. Using the saved energy for swings and mental focus can improve scores by more consistency. There are many factors when deciding on the best golf push carts, but the main features should be the amount of wheels for stability, how compact it can become and the handle section. The amount of wheels or the wide base for stability is an important factor because poorly built push carts can tip over if they become off balance. The wider the back wheels, the more balance it should have. This can be a huge factor if your course has a lot of hills and are hitting on a few side hill lies.  The only downside for having a cart with an enlarged base is that it not be as compact as other smaller carts.

Having your cart squeeze down to a smaller size will help in transportation to and from a course.  If you leave the push cart at your home club overnight every day, then it might not be a problem to have a larger cart. Finding the equilibrium point between balance and compactness will yield the best product for you. The other main feature that should be considered is the handle section. It does not make sense to invest in something that does not fit your body. A smaller or larger player might not want a cart that cannot adjust to accommodate their body. Included in the handle section is the storage aspect.  Having compartments is convenient because it eliminates a lot of digging around in your bag while playing and speeds up a round.

Secondary features that should be considered are an umbrella holder and brakes. Umbrella holders are handy to have but are not a necessity out on the course.  If you play in a climate that does not receive a lot of rain you might not have a need for one.  A lot of people also like to put up their umbrella to provide a little shade if the sun is constantly beating down on them.  It is not essential to have one but it is nice to have when the extremes in weather occur. Brakes are another nice feature to have but are not essential.  You can usually angle your cart in a certain direction and it will keep the cart in place.  Brakes are a good extra option because it eliminates any worrying thought about having your cart run away on you! This golf push cart review should have made it clear about what type of features should be considered when purchasing a cart.

Making Strides

Instead of putting pressure on your back, pushing a cart creates a pleasurable walking experience that feels like you have a caddy carrying your clubs.  One of the best feelings when pushing your cart is letting it go freely on a downhill slope, and having it roll out straight without having to push or worry about it.  There is no weight on your back and it feels like you have a caddy out on tour, enjoying your walk instead of having it spoiled.  Any chance to save energy out on the course should be taken, because golf can be a long physical battle and mental struggle.  Finding the best golf push carts can conserve some of the energy spent while carrying clubs and used to focus on the things that count, like mental focus and your swing!

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