Our Picks For Best Golf Practice Nets In 2018


So, here I will tell you how to get the best golf practice net from all the products available in the market. It is well said by expert golfers that if you want to master the skills of golf, you have to get best golf equipment. I am writing this review with all information available online so that you can select the best golf practice net in your budget. It is always complicated to select any product newly sometimes you get a poor quality golf net that’s why I am here to help.


By using a golf practicing net you will be able to polish your skills at home with more comfort. Even if you are a new golfer you can enjoy same equipment that pro-golfers use to boost up their swing. But, it can be too much confusion to find a high-quality golf net that fits your needs and playing style. Here I will tell you about many features of golf net like size, ease, price, durability etc.
I am sure that after reading complete reviews you will be able to decide that which golf net suits best to your needs and playing style. One more factor that you have to be careful is size, select the net size according to space you have. Below there is a list of some best golf practicing nets available in the market. So, let’s go through their reviews.

1 The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net

<strong>The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Net</strong>

In my list, the Pro Series Multi Sports Net takes the first spot because it is the tool which enhances your swing to pro level. One of the attracting features of this golf net is it returns ball automatically which saves your time. It is easy to assemble takes just a few seconds to assemble. In this golf, net portability is mainly focused you can take this to anywhere with a lot of ease. You can also store it in the duffle bag that is free with the net.

Basically, you can use this golf net anywhere you want. As I already said it is extremely portable. You can use this net indoor or outdoor. It can set up in your living room patio, backyard, garage or in your basement within seconds.

This golf net is made up of lightweight but hard aluminum with a combination of nylon cloth sleeve which makes it extremely durable. It also has a well-knotted polyester net with a great density to receive the ball. Its height is 7 feet and 6 inches, it is 8 feet wide and 3 feet 6 inches deep.

In my opinion, this golf net is one of the best products available in the market. It is also one of a very few top rated golf nets that have a fantastic ball return technology. If your golf net has ball return feature you can save a lot of your time and practice more to improve your golfing skills.

The Net Return team stands behind its product and offers top-of-the-line customer service. This is one of the industry leaders in the golf net market and you can be sure that you are investing in high-quality golf net. In case you are searching for one of the most efficient golf nets on the market today, I urge you to seriously consider the Net Return Pro Series.

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2 Spornia Golf Practice Net

<strong>Spornia Golf Practice Net</strong>

My next and favorite golf net comes from Spornia team. With this awesome golf net, you can practice and master all necessary golf skills like swing, chipping and putting. This golf net comes with and automatic-ball-return feature which does not require many balls you can practice with only one ball. still,l need more? It also comes with a Ball Stopper that can store over 200 balls.

It comes with adjustable angles which enable you to adjust the preferable angle for every single shot. You can also adjust netting if you want to customize it. So, this is ideal golf net for indoor or floor use.

So, now you can practice and improve your golf skills with this awesome golf net by Spornia team. One great feature that I like in it is automatic ball return that saves your time and enables you to repeat quickly and improve your swing.

It is also extremely easy and quick to set-up because it is a pop-up net. It takes only 30 seconds to assemble and dismantle the net. Too many customers are more than happy with this awesome golf net due to its features. For example, you can easily switch from ball return feature to stop and store the balls.

Moreover, if you missed a shot or you are a rookie don’t worry. It comes with a two-sided and strong panel that catches all your missed golf balls. There is also a sturdy target sheet perfectly engineered to receive high impact shots and absorb noise.

If you check bottom in the image above, you will see two white adjustable lines that help you to improve your swing because these two lines will show you if you hit the ball left or right. That way, you can correct your stance, swing path, ball path and putting stroke.

Overall, this is a fantastic and quality constructed golf hitting net that was built with UV protective mesh material. It measures 7 ft. x 8 ft. x 7 and is very easy to assemble and take down. The Spornia stable offers one year warranty on all parts to make this a fair deal.

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3 RUKKNET: The Original Pop-Up Golf Net w/ Ball Return Feature

<strong>RUKKNET: The Original Pop-Up Golf Net w/ Ball Return Feature</strong>

Third on my list is a pop-up golf practice net from Rukk. This golf net is extremely well built having a two-layer net system. The two-layer net system is very useful because if your inner layer is damaged the outer layer will still work for you.
Coming towards setup easiness, this net takes just a few seconds to set-up or dismantle. It fits in a pretty cool bag. There is no need of extra tools because of this golf net pops-up and folds quite easily. It has detachable T-bar and the large grommet system that enables easy attachment to the frame during installation or takedown.
This golf net saves a lot of your time because it has four-ply, knotless inner net that has awesome Ball-Return feature, it returns each of your balls automatically after a shot.
This net is much stronger, and stands 6feet high, is 10feet wide and measures 5feet deep. Although it might seem like a bigger golf net, you will be pleasantly surprised by how portable this golf net is as it weighs only 14 pounds.
This Rukk golf net has a unique look and if you are searching for an efficient, portable, versatile, reliable and most of all, durable golf net, this net will your ultimate choice. The Rukk net allows you to improve your skills it also saves your time and effort. You can set-up it in just a few seconds.

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4 Rukket “Haack Golf Net” By SEC Coach Chris Haack

<strong>Rukket “Haack Golf Net” By SEC Coach Chris Haack</strong>

The fourth product on my list is the Haack Golf Net. This golf net is really amazing. This golf net is highly recommended by SEC Coach Chris Haack who put his name on it. This golf net assures quality, lightweight and portability.
This golf net which is developed by Rukket team is a high quality, efficient and durable. It can stand against a lot of force. Its amazing design includes wings on both sides of the net. These wings catch the ball if you missed your shot. Together with the sturdy netting, these wings add superb safety and confidence to your practice.
One of the most catchy features of this net is it has the ability to deal with enormous quantities of struck golf balls and you don’t have to care about the safety of the Net this will last for a long time. This golf net is one of most sturdy golf nets available in the market. It was designed to withstand heavy shots without affecting strength and flexibility. So, you can try your hardest shot on this net for sure.

This golf net collects your balls in the bottom so that you can easily collect them.

So, if you are looking for an effective easy to set-up golf net then I will highly recommend this golf net. It has a simple design and the thing that I love is it will fit any golfer, regardless of any skills. Truly this the best golf net to buy!

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5 4 in 1 Golf Practice Set Hitting Cage Chipping Net Driving Mat Balls Aid Training + Free Bag

<strong>4 in 1 Golf Practice Set Hitting Cage Chipping Net Driving Mat Balls Aid Training + Free Bag</strong>

Now let’s talk about fifth golf net in my list. This is ideal if you want to improve your driving, chipping or do practice at home. With this 4in1 golf set, you will certainly improve your golf skills.
With this golf set you can practice at home which means you will save your time, money and effort of driving to a golf range. This set contains all the stuff you need to improve your skills and master them. This golf net is perfect if you need the opportunity to practice golf anywhere and anytime you want.

This 4in1 golf set from Leader Accessories has set that includes both driving and chipping nets. You will also get a driving mat and some extra Balls. You can use this golf net for both indoor or outdoor. This net is weatherproof and waterproof.

It is very easy to set-up this golf net, it takes just a few seconds to set-up. You can leave it free-standing or you can secure it to the ground using the stakes that are included. After practice, you can leave it as it is or you can fold it in the weatherproof bag which is also included in this set. Having this golf net will feel you like having own golf net because this is extremely lightweight. If you are looking for a cheap golf net, I highly recommend you to have a look on this. You will certainly love it.

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6 Callaway Home Range Practice System

<strong>Callaway Home Range Practice System</strong>

Callaway provides you the convenience to practice at home with this home range system. You’ll enjoy a tough and quality built Zenith hitting the net that offers a magnificent 4point cross base pattern to assure stability and consistency. To make your practice still more realistic, Callaway will include a hitting mat to simulate a real turf surface. The hitting mat has a tough base and a rubber golf tee holder that will make it easier than ever to practice. On top of whole these amazing features, you’ll get a Pro Caddie feeder that will feed you one ball at the time once you tap it with your club.

As with everything in life, you will only master your skill with practice. When comes to golf, practice is king. In today’s world, players have less time to fine tune their swing on the driving range. Still, this advance Home Range Practice System from Callaway allows you to maximize your practice time and master your golfing skills at home. This set should be perfect to fulfill your needs as a golfer, regardless of your skill level or experience and it the cost is unbelievable to break your bank.

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7 Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

<strong>Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net</strong>

The Callaway Tri-Ball golf practicing net is a perfect practice product for those of you who want to optimize your swing while relaxing at home. This net is tough and long-lasting practice net that accompanies a target in the middle to increase your focus. After each shot, you will be able to pick up your golf ball easily near the center of the net.

This set is perfect to practice your driving shots as the Tri-Ball is made of highly durable nylon mesh that will resist the force of whatever powerful driver you might use. But like with every Callaway golf net, this one is really easy to set-up and disassemble. Moreover, it includes a convenient nylon bag for comfortable storage. It is not necessary to attach it to a wall because it’s separate. Whenever you want to, you will be able to stake it to the ground if you are using it outdoors.

You’ll be able to use it either inside or outside. It doesn’t include a hitting mat so I recommend you to invest in one in order to get the most out of your practice. It is very important to have a golf mat because it will both maximize your training and make your practice more satisfactory if you hit the golf ball from a natural-like turf.

This net is very popular among golf players and current owners highly recommend this product to develop muscle memory for your swing. If you’re serious about improving your game and you are seeking a long-lasting and quality net, Callaway, has you covered!

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8 SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target

<strong>SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target</strong>

The Quickster Golf Net from SKLZ is the complete solution for any golf player who wants to develop their golf skills and polish their swing with convenience and ease. Compared with a lot of other nets on the market, the Quickster is super easy to set up and you’ll be improving and running very fast, even if you don’t even read the instructions. The Quickster is one of the biggest, quick-assembly golf training net that you’ll see on the market nowadays, standing at 8’x8’.

We can say that the Quickster golf net that its production team requires raising their quality measures a little bit as this unit isn’t made with the same quality values in mind like the big brands. However, this golf net has an extremely attracting price-tag and is ideal for children and teenagers to practice their swing.

With such a large and broad net, you’ll be able to sharpen your focus and practice different types of swings. This compact and easy to use golf net features a composite steel and fiberglass Tension-Tite frame with tough corner joint. It has solid 2-ply netting and a removable target. You will also get a carrying bag to store the net in.

Altogether, if you are looking for a nice golf net that you can assemble very quickly and is good enough to withstand a full swing shot without ripping a hole in the net, so we might have something that will fit your needs perfectly. Its cost reflects its quality and you should consider this if you are on a tight budget or if there are any young golfers in your family.

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9 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag

<strong>3 in 1 Golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag</strong>

Many users reviewed this 3in1 golf practice net made by Ajillis has is reviewed by many users and found very effective. It has a driving net with two two fiberglass poles which you can extend. This golf net is weather and waterproof so, it can be good for both indoor and outdoor uses. It also has a driving mat which comes with an artificial turf surface on wall build with rubber base.
With this set you will be able to practice golf and improve your driving, chipping, and approach shots without leaving your home. In this set, you will get everything to practice golf and improve your skills. This net is very large so it can also catch you mishits too.
This set also has a hard 23×26” chipping net which is more compact than driving net. With this chipping net, you will be able to hone your pitch shots and chips without occupying much space. This golf set is extremely compact and easy to set-up in no time. So, if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy golf net I suggest you check out this reliable net.

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10 IZZO The Giant Hitting Net

<strong>IZZO The Giant Hitting Net</strong>

Last on my list is one of the largest golf net available in the market. It is 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. Even it is too large but it is easy to set-up and takedown, just you have to make sure you have enough space available for the net. During set-up, you have to be careful because its poles are fragile but the frame is steady.

This net is ideal if you want to practice your wedge swing. It will catch all your high wedge shots because of its size. This net is fairly strong and will bear the impact of balls. One catching feature of this golf net is it catches every ball without a problem. But, if you are looking for a net practice your driving swing. This net will probably not withstand the frequent heavy beating from a high-end driver shot.

We can conclude that Izzo has a strong frame and it is easy to set up. However, no one considers it as a professional net. This net is perfect for beginners to practice their swings with wedge and iron. Therefore, if you want to master your skill with a high-end driver, then I suggest you to opt-in for practice golf balls because you will most likely tear a hole in the net with a real golf ball after few sessions of powerful driver shots. If you are searching for a big, accommodating net that gives you value for your buck, is perfect for pitching and chipping and you are willing to master your driving shots with practice balls, then we’ve got a winner here.

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Best Golf Nets Comparison Chart

Name Brand Size Weight
The Net Return Pro Series The Net Return 42 x 12 x 12 inches 28 pounds
RUKKNET: The Original Pop-Up Golf Net Rukket Sports 60 x 120 x 84 inches 14 pounds
Dura-Pro the Commercial Grade Cage Dura-Pro Golf Cages 10′ x 10′ x 10′ N/A
ProReturn X2 Multi-Sport Hitting Net ProAdvanced 118.1 x 78.7 x 78.7 inches 15.4 pounds
SKLZ Baseball Quickster Net SKLZ N/A N/A
Dynamax Sports High Impact Golf Net Dynamax 10×10 ft N/A
Rukket Portable Driving Range Rukket Sports 60 x 120 x 84 inches 16 pounds
Rukket “Haack Golf Net” Rukket Sports N/A 21.8 pounds
Callaway Quad Net Callaway 8 x 4 x 12 inches 8 pounds



Golf is an expensive hobby. It is always expensive to join a club, invest in a gear club set and paying fees for driving range. The cost always increases with increase in your skills. So, it is very important that you must not spend a lot of money only on golf.
Therefore I have researched and reviewed some best golf practicing nets for you. Now you have to decide which one you want according to your needs and budget. So, go for it. If you still have problems you can tell me in the comments section below. I will help you ASAP.  Let’s practice and reach our goals.

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