Best Golf Mats In 2018 – Top Picks and Reviews


The best golf matsare great for people who don’t have the luxury of hitting on real grass.  Players in winter climates and players who aren’t able to get to the course as much as they would like would benefit the most out of purchasing a golf mat. The difference between a good golf mat and a bad golf mat can mean the difference between a broken golf club and a great practice session. Golf mats can be a great training aid in terms of swing training.

With a golf mat you don’t have to worry about weather or heat, you can hit golf balls anytime and in any weather. When looking into buying a reliable golf mat you should pay close attention to quality because if it is built poorly then in will perform poorly. If you are serious about improving your game then a quality golf mat could be your best friend.

1 PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat

<strong>PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat</strong>

The PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat is just about the most standard golf mat you can buy today. This full size golf mat offers you both a place to stand and a surface to hit off of.

This golf mat is made from half inch thick nylon turf that has been woven together. This woven surface is a perfectly safe hitting platform that will last for thousands of shots. Underneath this woven nylon exterior is a 5 mm thick foam pad that prevents slippage and dampens impact vibrations.

This material combination simulates playing on a perfectly manicured fairway or tee box for each and every swing. In order to hit your driver off of this mat you will need to utilize the 2 inch rubber tee that gets threaded through the underside of the hitting mat. This mat is made in the USA so you can trust that it was built with the highest quality standards in mind. The PGM4860 4′ x 5′ Emerald Par Golf Mat is the go-to option for anyone looking for a very basic hitting mat.

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2 TT3660 36″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf

<strong>TT3660 36″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf</strong>

The TT3660 36″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf is another full sized golf hitting mat that provides both a standing platform and a lush hitting area. The surface material of this mat is made of 100% spring crimped nylon, which gives it a very real hitting sensation. The mat is 1.125” thick and utilizes a urethane backing to absorb shock. With this hitting mat you can directly place a real wooden tee into the ground and swing away with your driver.

This mat is made in the USA with nothing but high quality materials. Quality is such an important factor when it comes to hitting mats because a poorly constructed mat can cause irreversible damage to you golf clubs.

Doing your research beforehand could actually end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run, as opposed to making the wrong decision in the short run and completely damaging your golf clubs. The TT3660 36″ X 60″ Monster Tee Golf Turf is a well-rounded golf hitting mat from most any situation.

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3 Heavy Duty Driving Mat

<strong>Heavy Duty Driving Mat</strong>

The Heavy Duty Driving Mat is a rugged hitting area mat that is quite thick and substantial. Offers a thick rubber soul that will ease flat and provides a cushioning like support on your high-impact golf shots.

This hitting mat does not provide a standing portion and therefore must be leveled off with another slightly raised platform. This hitting mat can utilize one serrated rubber tee to hit elevated golf balls off. This mat is roughly 1.5 inches thick and is nailed flat to your door unlike other rolled up alternatives.

This hitting mat will not deform in any substantial way because of the quality construction built. This mat goes hand-in-hand with a great hitting net to catch golf balls. There are such a wide variety of golf hitting nets on the market today that this high-impact hitting mat will pair perfectly with anyone of them. The Heavy Duty Driving Mat is great for people who already have an artificial hitting area set up but need a better ball striking platform/area.

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4 Golf Mat 4′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat

<strong>Golf Mat 4′ x 5′ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat</strong>

The Golf Mat 4′ x 5′ Dura-Pro plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat is a multipurpose indoor and outdoor hitting mat. This hitting mat does more than just provide you with a hitting area to stand on, this hitting mat absorbs club head shock, provides an outstanding feel, and is protected by an eight year UV protection plan.

The durable pro golf mats go through an intensive manufacturing process that involves thermal welding and industrial bonding which prevents any form of delamination. While other mats are glued together and break apart in weeks, this mat was forged to last. This family owned and operated golf mat company makes all of their mats in the USA and also ships to the continental United States only. The makers of this mat claim that it is 30% more dense than any other golf mat on the market today.

The Dura-Pro plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat is rated number one by consumers and can also be rated number one by you if you choose to make this your golf hitting mat in the near future.

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5 FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat

<strong>FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat</strong>

The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is an ingenious addition to the golf mat family. This is one of the first mats to utilize sliding technology to provide a more realistic ball striking experience. There are multiple pros and cons to using a new technology like this to simulate a real world event though. The first pro to using a mat like this is that you can avoid the painful shock and impact of hitting fat shots with the traditional mat. The first con to this mat is that with more moving pieces comes more chance for malfunction.

Standard golf mats will not break in the same way that this device breaks. Standard golf mats simply provide the user with a platform to practice his swing from; this device utilizes a mechanism to artificially move your hitting surface forward and backwards with each shoddy take. This hitting mat works exceptionally well for lower volume but when you start hitting hundreds and hundreds of golf balls a day you can run into serious problems with moving parts. The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is the only choice for people who want the most realistic experience they can get while still hitting off of an artificial surface.

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6 Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat

<strong>Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat</strong>

 The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is one of the smallest hitting mats available today. The advantage to buying a smaller hitting mat is that you must focus on consistently being in a perfect impact position or you run the risk of damaging your golf clubs and hurting yourself in the process. This small hitting mat also offers a heavier weight, than the majority of its competitors, so that it will not slide upon impact.

Callaway has integrated their patented tee holding technology, which can hold any type of tee directly in the mat. This hitting mat is extremely useful for people who are working with limited space and a limited budget. The quality and build of this mat are second to none when you take into account the durability that this little guy has to offer. The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is a phenomenal swing mat for the more experienced golfers.

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7 SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat

<strong>SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat</strong>

The SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat almost identically simulates natural grass movement while practicing your golf swing. This divot simulating technology greatly helps reduce shock and injury to your body. This hitting mat can be used either at the driving range or at home but you must figure out a way to make it level with your stance height.

These SKLZ glide pad is extremely portable at only 10 pounds and can be brought anywhere you need to practice your golf game. The proprietary sliding mechanism is what gives this product its competitive edge.

This hitting mat features a 10” x 19” hitting surface that can also support real wooden tees directly in the mat. The thick and durable turf that this mat is constructed with ensures that it will not break down or deteriorate for thousands and thousands of shots.

The only weak point that may exist on this golf mat/training aid is the actual sliding mechanism itself. It is unclear how many shots approximately this golf mat can handle but eventually the sliding mechanism will have to give. The SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat makes practicing without real grass a whole lot easier.

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8 Callaway Golf Pro Series Hitting Mat, 3 x 5-Feet

<strong>Callaway Golf Pro Series Hitting Mat, 3 x 5-Feet</strong>

The Callaway Golf Pro Series Hitting Mat is a large, full size hitting platform that works with both irons and woods alike. The actual size of this hitting surface is 34” x 60”, which is plenty of room to stand and swing all clubs. The material used to construct this golf mat was durable, true turf that realistically simulates a well-manicured fairway. The thicker, premium backing is an additional layer of cushioning and support in order to absorb the impact of hitting.

Along with all of their other hitting mats, Callaway utilizes their patented tee holder technology which lets you hold your preferred tee at whatever heights you like. The only problem with this hitting mat is that the thickness of material used may not be enough to sufficiently absorb the impact of continual iron impacts.

This is a great golf mat to use to get on level with one of the more premium hitting area style mats that you can then combine with this product. The Callaway Golf Pro Series Hitting Mat is a great practice tool especially when combined with a higher-end hitting area mat.

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Exclusive Pro Hitting Strip

The Exclusive Pro Hitting Strip is a smaller more compact hitting mat that provides you with a very solid hitting area to practice striking golf balls on. This mat can help you improve your swing by providing you with real time feedback as to whether or not you are making solid contact.

If you are a hitting your shots consistently heavy, than this mat will give you the feedback to realize that you need to bottom out your divot more in front of the golf ball. If you’re only hitting the golf ball on the bottom few grooves of the clubface, than this mat will let you know that you need to hit more down and through the golf ball.

Solid impact is so crucial to playing consistent golf that this mat could be a life changer if used correctly. This mat is made from 100% nylon and directly holds a wooden tee. This 2 inch thick golf mat greatly reduces your risk of injury by absorbing the shock that your elbows and wrist would normally have to handle. The Exclusive Pro Hitting Strip is a great tool to use to get a more tactful feel on how you are actually striking the golf.


Having a great golf mat can really help you practice to become your best. When you buy a golf mat you need to be sure you are buying from a reliable seller because if you do not then you risk damaging your clubs with a poorly constructed hitting surface. Doing proper research before committing to a purchase decision can drastically improve your chances of picking the right golf mat for your game.

If hitting off of artificial turf is your normal hitting environment then a quality golf mat can dramatically help you score and perform better in real life. If you are not happy with your current practice sessions then it is highly recommended that you look into finding a better mat.

Price Point

There is a wide variety of price points at which you can purchase high quality golf mats. Most competitive prices are going to fall in the $150 USD price range and provide you with excellent quality and craftsmanship. Any top level performer will tell you that they know the value of a good mat because it has helped their games so much.

Depending on whether or not you want a full size mat or just a hitting section mat you can pay a little more or a little less based on your needs. Repetitious execution of quality golf swings is the only way to ingrain the habit of making solid contact each and every time. With a good golf mat, performing countless repetitions is far easier.


The quality construction of the golf mat you choose to use will be of high importance because it can mean seriously damaging your current set of clubs if not made well. When looking into the construction of a particular golf mat pay special attention to the sickness and material used because they will play a large factor in how safe the mat is.

The thicker a golf mat, the more shock it will absorb, and because of this thin golf mats can actually be very dangerous. Another important feature to pay close attention to is the filled material that the mat is made out of. Some materials will either leave a residue on the bottom of each of your clubs or actually cause scratch damage to the sole.


There are going to be a few major sizes that most golf mats comment. The most common type of golf mat that you will find will be a full size golf mat which will usually range between 3 x 5’ and 5 x 5’. These mats will usually be a few inches thick and provide not only a hitting area but also a level set up area. The second most common type mat will be the hitting area only mat this mat will usually only be approximately 1’ x 1’.

This type of mat will provide enough hitting area for all of the club’s in your bag however you will have to find a suitable leveling mat. You do not want to practice hitting golf shots with the golf ball an inch or more above your feet. The final type of golf mat will be the divot simulating golf. This mat moves and retracts to simulate the divot taking that actually happens on a real golf course.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that all golf mats are not created equal. Many types of mats can actually do more damage than good if not seriously research. Before committing to practicing for many hours on one type of mat be sure that it is the best match for you.

Practicing can be a very rewarding experience and having the best golf mats will make it that much better. Spending time researching different features qualities that you want could save you hundreds of dollars down the road and years of headache and frustration.

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