Best Golf Irons For Left-Handed Golfers – Our Top Picks!

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The right-handed golf equipment dominates the golfing market.  If you’re a lefty, your choices may be rather limited. At times, left-handed golfers have reported that standard equipment isn’t as efficient for them. It contributes to a lack of performance and posture discomfort.

The way around this issue is to use left-handed iron sets that are specifically designed for lefties. These clubs reduce posture and orientation issues for left-handers with a smart design.

In essence, the difference between left-handed golf iron sets and right-handed ones is negligible. However, the former is more suitable for lefties. If you’re inclined towards using a left-handed golf iron, you just have to dig a little deeper to find the best product for you. This list will help!

1 Cobra 2017 King F7 Single Length Iron

<strong><b>Cobra 2017 King F7 Single Length Iron</b></strong>

If you remember Bryson DeChambeau hitting shots using these kinds of irons at the Masters, you’d know that they were and still are cherished for their unique single length design.

Taking inspiration from King Forged Player’s line, this iron has a cavity back and has a balanced weight for a uniform touch.

Every club is 7-iron long giving it a perfect grip for every shot.

The grip and material used are highly comfortable for beginners for practice purposes.

Being beginner-friendly products, these are known for the superior quality and sturdy grip which helps in more successful shots.


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2 Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

<strong><b>Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set</b></strong>

The Launcher HB Iron set is a game changer for you if you’re facing issues while delivering the right shots.


The unique design featuring a hollow construction creates a deeper center of gravity, giving your shot more height and distance.


To boost your game and sharpen your skills, considering Launcher HB.

It may be a better idea for you rather than the hybrid-style complex clubs.



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3 TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Iron Set

<strong><b>TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Iron Set</b></strong>

Do you often miss your shots and want to get rid of that habit?

TaylorMade 2017 M2 is the answer for you, as it forgives your slight mistakes and errors, making it the perfect choice for practicing freshers.

This set has been designed with a thinner topline and deep speed pocket which helps in keeping command over the distance.

Although the set might not impress everyone with its looks, it will win hearts with its performance.

This one is quite helpful for improvement purposes, and with its popular design, it manages to find a place at the top of our list.



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4 Callaway Apex CF 16 Iron Set

<strong><b>Callaway Apex CF 16 Iron Set</b></strong>

The Callaway Apex CF16 is one of the most fulfilling iron sets in the market right now, with their unmatched quality and stunning aesthetics.

The set targets golfers from all walks of life, from improvement seekers to virtuosos.


Their USP is to provide players with a controlled execution.

The smart design helps in reducing errors by offering a unique balance between pardoning and accuracy.

These products suit someone who is looking to improve their shots as well as someone trying to alleviate 70+ impair.

You can trust your money with them.


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5 Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set

<strong><b>Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set</b></strong>

Beginners and high handicappers have intrinsic needs that are sufficiently met with the 716 AP1s.

The set has a variety of features which help in improving golf skills.

It has a large undercut cavity that provides a flexible head coupled with a higher amount of tungsten, which keeps it lightweight and balanced.

This model is an improved version of the 714 line with a larger cavity and the ability to refine the performance.

The design supposedly works equally well for the better players by providing immense support at the middle coupled with a smooth feel.


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6 Conclusion

If you are a victim of right-handed golfing domination, you can consider one of the above mentioned left-handed iron sets.

They will take out the errors in your shots and make up for your performance dip. Unfortunately, the choices aren’t as varied as you’d expect but there’s still a fine chance of getting something suitable.

Refer to our list to get started and keep on the lookout at the leading sports equipment stores. We hope you have had a good read!

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