Best Golf Drivers For Left-Handed Golfers – The Top Ones in 2018

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Only about 10% of the global population is left-handed. In the golfing world, it is no doubt that the equipment market for lefties is rather limited regarding choices available. That’s why many golfers choose to play right-handed when it comes to their most favorite sport, which might reduce their chances of success or cause unnecessary discomfort.

However, as a left-handed golfer, you may prefer left-handed golf drivers, instead of playing with standard clubs. There are still several options for sale, and it only takes you a little more time to find something suitable.

There is no significant difference between left-handed and right-handed golf drivers. Except for putters, other components such as shafts and grips remain unchanged. They are just the left-handed version of standard clubs with a left-handed orientation. Whether you are a beginner or senior golfer, a slow or fast swinger, don’t hesitate to look for suitable drivers.

Here are our top picks for the best left-handed golf drivers in 2018:

  • TaylorMade M4 Driver
  • Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver
  • Cobra Men’s KING F8 Driver 2018
  • Titleist 917D2 Driver
  • Wilson Golf – LH Staff Triton Driver

1 TaylorMade M4 Driver

<strong><b>TaylorMade M4 Driver </b></strong>

This 2018 version is a more forgiving and non-moveable weight upgrade of the M3 driver. With greater emphasis on forgiveness and straight distance, it incorporates the Geocoustic technology – a combination of geometry and acoustical engineering – to allow more forgiveness and better sound.

Among left-handed players, this driver is well-known for increased aerodynamics thanks to a lighter and thinner face along with a new composite crown. Also, like the M3, TaylorMade M4 Driver makes use of the hammerhead slot for a more flexible face and creates a larger sweet spot as a result.

Moreover, the center portion of the slot is set to enhance ball speed low on the face while dropping unwanted spin in case of longer distances. Designed with the head cover Twist Face, the driver has more loft in the high-toe area and less loft in the low-heel area to reduce side spin. By curbing spin in such common mis-hitting zones, it is expected to increase chances of hitting the ball straight. With all these features, this driver will certainly live up to golfers’ expectations.

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2 Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

<strong><b>Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver</b></strong>

This driver is designed with a left-handed orientation and would be a perfect fit for left-handed golfers at any level. It is probably among the most forgiving men’s golf drivers on sale which help you hit the ball longer distance after a good strike. It offers maximum forgiveness, thanks to the fusion technology which fuses a titanium exo-cage with a super light triaxial carbon crown and sole.

Being equipped with the advanced aerodynamics, the driver is also expected to reduce drag so that swing speed can be boosted to the fullest for further distance. It has different well-made shaft options, including UST’s first ever recoil shaft and the new 60G Mitsubishi Diamana Red board, to ensure accuracy.

As your swing develops, this driver can adapt to your change through the moment of inertia (MOI). You can also adjust the hosel until you have acquired the perfect launch angle for your swing style and speed.

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3 Cobra Men’s KING F8 Driver 2018

<strong><b>Cobra Men’s KING F8 Driver 2018</b></strong>

This driver is popular among golfers for its completely machined driver face, which is CNC milled to produce the thinnest and most accurate face while ensuring the highest performance level.

The driver is designed with an elliptical pattern to allow more hot spots further away from the central. Thanks to the innovative Dual Roll technology, various curvatures on the top and the bottom of the face can optimize launch and spin for both high and low shots.

Its lightweight 8-1-1 titanium body helps to reduce the weight, while faster ball speeds are ensured with the help of a forged E9 variable thickness face. With ultralight carbon fiber crown, F8 back & heel CG and smart pad, this driver won’t let you down.

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4 Titleist 917D2 Driver

<strong><b>Titleist 917D2 Driver</b></strong>

This driver offers 16 independent lofts along with lie settings for a more consistent and optimized ball flight through precision fitting. Using radial speed face 2.0, it has a thinner perimeter face width and allows more overall distance.

Refined thickness through the active recoil channel 2.0 allows more speed and less spin. Another special feature of this driver is its interchangeable weight which serves to launch conditions and optimize spin for any player.

Compared to many other advanced missile launchers, it meets the ball more deeply and resonantly with a muscled-up whack. When it comes to the forgiveness, the 917D3 model can provide distance in a full pear.

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5 Wilson Golf – LH Staff Triton Driver

<strong><b>Wilson Golf – LH Staff Triton Driver</b></strong>

This driver takes advantage of the 1:1 visible swing active technology to ensure absolute consistency during the set-up process. Its changeable sole weight comes from innovative and interchangeable sole plates made of carbon fiber and titanium.

Besides, with 12 different combinations and 6 adjustable hosel settings, golfers will be satisfied with perfect ball flights while keeping the driver under ultimate control. While the Fast Fit technology helps facilitate a perfect setup, the Aldila Rogue Black 95 MSI shaft keeps mid-high launch with mid spin. This feature makes the LH Staff Triton Driver suitable for senior left-handed golfers and allows them to obtain nice shots.

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6 Conclusion

The above left-handed golf drivers are highly recommended due to their great forgiveness and power, which provides tremendous support for players on the course. Although there are not as many options for lefties on the market as righties, there are still plenty of products worth considering. Reflect on your golf style and level, go through our list, and you will find the most suitable driver for your requirements. Do look out for golf drivers clearance from golf retailers or online sellers to get a good deal.

Leave your comment below if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!

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