Best Golf Chipping Nets In 2018 – Complete Guide for Beginners


No game is complete without a precise short game. A majority of the better players, either on tour or at your home club, will credit a lot of their low scores to great short games. A superior short game does not come naturally, but can be achieved by anyone through hours of practice. Finding the best golf chipping nets through this review will help practice sessions turn into stroke-saving opportunities.

A chipping form that is consistent will help the golf game with lower scores through less stress on putting and even long game. Many people do not realize that many professionals have less stress on their long game because they trust their short game.
If pros happen to miss a green, their great chipping will often save par or get out of a tough situation with an up-and-down. Better players lean on their chipping, especially when the long game is not functioning as well as it should be. A lot of players also blame their putting when they miss an up-and-down opportunity after a missed 10-foot putt rather than diagnosing the real problem (a poor chip shot).
If you happen to live far away from a practice area, finding a chipping net can solve a lot of problems. The convenience of having your own personal short game practice net will increase confidence on what really matters in the game of golf. The elite players in the world use targets to test their abilities and now you can too.

Chipping nets come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  Many factors will be weighed against each other to determine what the best fit is for you through this golf chipping nets review.
If you’re looking for an indoor net, something smaller may be the key.  Outdoor practice may require something more stable and in need of stakes to hold it in place, especially if practicing in the wind. There are many options when it comes to design.
Some chipping nets are designed to catch incoming golf balls while others are more of a target and entice players to hit through the holes within it.  Pricing, design, best used for indoor/outdoor practice, size, shape, and durability are some of the more important qualities to compare when looking at each net. Below are guides to the best chipping nets available on the market today.

1 Rukket Portable Driving Range 3 in 1 Golf Set: Practice Net

<strong>Rukket Portable Driving Range 3 in 1 Golf Set: Practice Net</strong>

Rukket Sports delivers an all-in-one product that saves golfers time when looking for the best in practice netting.  It is one of the best golf chipping nets on the market.  Setting up the net is given with simple, easy-to-follow instructions that transforms the compact case into a manageable size.  The “pop up” technology easily folds and unfolds when putting away or taking it out.

The hitting net has a roll back feature for golf balls so fewer balls are needed for practice.  The chipping target attaches to the netting at various heights allowing for ideal feel and control with wedges.  The different-sized holes in the chipping target creates a different challenge on every chip.  After hitting the bigger, middle-sized chipping target players can graduate on to the smaller targets to test their skills.  With the Tri-Turf mat, golfers can also put their game to the test in different lies on the 2mm closely mown area, 16 mm fairway and putting green, or 35mm rough.

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2 JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

<strong>JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net</strong>

JEF World of Golf has created a collapsible chipping net made with some of the most durable nylon materials.  It is made to handle outdoor conditions and practice in any weather.  The collapsible feature allows for easy storage and assembly, expanding from a 7-inch diameter frame to a 23-inch diameter ring and back down again when the practice session is over.

The chipping net has three distinct rings for players to choose from when practicing.  The inner white circle provides the most challenge for even the most skilled short game artists, followed by a middle yellow circle and then the outer black frame.
If players like to visualize landing areas when practicing chip shots, this would be an ideal method of practice.  Practices can become creative by giving point values to each ring and competing to break previous-best scores.  Competitions are also welcomed by giving point values and trying to match a friend’s score.

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3 Rukket Golf Chipping Net & Range Marker Target

<strong>Rukket Golf Chipping Net & Range Marker Target</strong>

Rukket Sports offers a dual-usage chipping net and range marker for indoor (chipping) and outdoor (chipping, pitching and hitting) practice.  The chipping net reverses to show distances from 50, 100, or 150 yards/meters to practice distance control.
The net also contains has a “pop-up” design which allows for quick assembly or folding down.  Its light weight (1.2 pounds/0.5 kg) is ideal for transporting from place to place.

The chipping net has three different slots within the face of the target and allows players to practice their height control on chipping or pitching.
Tiny pockets within the face slots catches each ball, tallying up how many are in it at the end.  There is an adjustable-angle strap in the back of the net, which can create an extra challenge for players of all skill levels.  Depending on the angle, the angle strap creates different visuals for players and benefits them if hitting up or downhill at the range marker target.

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4 Izzo Golf Mini Mouth Chipping Net

<strong>Izzo Golf Mini Mouth Chipping Net</strong>

The Izzo Mini Mouth chipping net is a very simple, yet effective design.  The black-and-white netting with red center ring provides a great contrast to green grass or other materials around it.
A main outer ring holds a red inner ring with four quadrants surrounding it.  Set up like a dart board, the red “bullseye” target ring challenges the player to aim for accuracy when chipping or pitching.  Several point-assigned games can be created when practicing with friends.

The net can be staked into the ground, providing a steady target if it is windy outside or when practicing from distance with golf balls flying in.  This target can be used for chipping and pitching or long-range shots.  A foldable assembly system can fold into most golf bags so it can be used before or after playing a round.

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5 SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net

<strong>SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net</strong>

SKLZ has been steadily improving its product range in nets and goals in other sporting activities.  The latest SKLZ golf chipping net combines other product lines to combine a bunch of great features from other chipping nets and goals to combine it into this one.
The net provides an opportunity to practice chipping and pitching either indoors or outdoors with its versatile, gripping frame set up.  The frame expands to 2.25 feet/0.7m and compacts to a small enough bag to be transported anywhere.  It is lightweight and can be assembled within a minute.

The black-faced target has three distinct target holes, each numbered 1, 2, or 3.  The size increases from 1 to 3, challenging a player to focus in on the desired target or number.  Each target hole has pockets to collect the balls, saving players time for more practice instead of running after shots.  Slots at the bottom will also prevent missed shots from wildly spreading around the practice area by swallowing the balls that failed to hit the circle targets within the face.

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6 Izzo Golf Triple Chip Chipping Net

<strong>Izzo Golf Triple Chip Chipping Net</strong>

The Izzo Triple Chip Chipping Net is a unique product.  Most nets restrict practice to only one option, mostly because of its build and frame set-up.  Other nets will have a face with several holes but it is the only method of practicing.
This chipping net has three different sides to practice to and doesn’t require any more size than the rest because it can be easily folded up into an almost paper-flat object.  Both indoor and outdoor practice are possible with this net.

The net comes with two ground stakes for a sturdier target in outdoor practice when the wind can play a factor.  The three different interchangeable faces include a large bucket-shaped net that will catch every ball hit into it, a medium-sized ring and a small-sized ring for balls to go through.  The various sizes allow a golfer to continually increase the difficulty after having mastered the larger-sized targets and graduate to a smaller one.

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7 Nova Usa Height Adjustable Golf Chipping Net with Golf Flagstick

Nova Usa’s height adjustable chipping net looks more realistic than other nets available on the market.  In comparison to other targets, most chipping nets are set up in a rectangular or triangular fashion.  This chipping net is unique as it has a flag stick which holds an adjustable basket that catches every ball hit at the correct height.  It doubles as a great target for long-range practice with a realistic golf course pin.

The flag measures about 2 meters (76 inches) tall and easily digs in the ground with a stake-like point (no cup needed).  The flag will help the mind focus in like it is on the course instead of hitting to a man-made rectangular target.
Included in the bundle is a ground target which surrounds the base of the flag and ideal for lower-ground chips.  A two-foot (60 cm) wide basket adjusts to various heights along the 2-meter high flag stick for lofted chips.  There is an even smaller circle inside the basket that provides a challenge to even the better chippers.


8 Rukket Pop-Up SKEE-GOLF Chipping Target

Rukket Sports has infused the skee-ball idea into a golf chipping net.  The SKEE-GOLF chipping target is a durable, well-crafted net that allows golfers to practice their chipping or pitches from various distances.  In this golf chipping net review, it is comparable to the other Rukket Chipping Net and Range Marker Target.
Three different slots or pockets are in the front-facing net with a “bullseye” in the top net urging players to go for the lofted chip.  Much like skee-ball, the net can be created into fun games with various points awarded to players hitting the target at different heights.  Side pockets surround the three middle pockets catching errant shots aimed at the center.

A “pop-up” design with foldable rods creates a sturdy base for chips of all speeds to hit the net.  The tent-like rods and bendable netting fold up and is easy to store. A carrying case allows for easy transportation to practice the game anywhere.

How to Determine the Best Chipping Net?

Chipping nets are a unique practice tool that have become popular with many top golfers.  Short game is such a crucial aspect of the game to conquer and using a chipping net for practice will get you one step closer.
The practice will lead to confidence around the greens and ultimately lower scores. The three main factors when deciding on the best golf chipping nets are style, effectiveness and durability.
The style of the net usually depends on personal preference and what type of method you want to utilize when practicing.  That correlates with the second factor of effectiveness.  If the style isn’t effective, then your short game will not be getting better.  The style that you choose should test your game and show weaknesses.
If you continue to practice areas that have a solid foundation, your scores will not change and remain in a pretty consistent range.  Pushing the limits of your short game will create more opportunity for lower scores, especially when the long game is a little off during a round.
The third main factor is durability. Expensive nets may cause a player to think twice but having durable material to fend off the elements could save money in the long run.  No chipping net is exactly the same when it comes to the material and its durability.

Secondary qualities when choosing a chipping net are pricing and portability.  The main factor of style can influence how portable it is.  A bigger net may not be practical to have if you’re going to be using it before or after a round and want to carry it in your bag.  Pricing is always a factor before deciding to buy anything.
Many golfers say “I’d give anything for a short game like that” and now there’s a price tag on it.  Most golf chipping nets range anywhere between $15 to $200.  Testing your chipping and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is how better players thrive under pressure.

Make it Count

Breaking down your short game and seeing what sort of chip shots you struggle with will help influence your decision.  Practice sessions are different for everyone but ultimately try to do the same thing, get better.  If you are not willing to dedicate time and effort into practicing with the best golf chipping nets for your game, no matter how good the net may be it won’t save you strokes.
Through this golf chipping net review, you should have been thinking about what aspects of your short game need improvement.  Weighing all of these factors against each other should make a decision clear and lead you on your way to better scores.  Short game is essential for cutting out strokes in anyone’s game at all levels of play.  Professionals, scratch players or high handicappers can always improve their chipping game.

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