BEST DIY GOLF TIPS – Fix the Shanks, Strike it Better & Make More Putts!

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I scoured YouTube to find the best DIY Golf Tips. We take a look at clips from creators who show us how to use everyday household items to improve our game.

These DIY golf tips will help you fix the shanks, make better contact, putt straighter, get fitted for golf clubs and even refurbish your old golf clubs.

Links to the golf DIY project videos, make sure to subscribe to these creators!

How Foot Spray Can Help Your Golf Game –

DIY Golf Training Aid | The Hanger –

Rust wedges with Coke –

DIY Club Fitting: Vertical Line Test –

Rubber Band Putting Drill –





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  1. CSALV says

    Let’s go! Cant wait to watch this one

  2. Lets Play Thru says

    Got your own tip? Let us know below 👇

  3. Home Ideas says

    Great video

  4. Rick M says

    Been using foot spray for years. Great idea dry eraser. Great tips overall thanks

  5. Steven Foster says

    Well I guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon.

  6. john Durbin says

    Everytime I see the many uses of Coke, I'm amazed that the this is a product that is consumable.
    We actually drink this stuff, well I don't, but still.

  7. The Backyard Golfer says

    Some great DIY tips there, thanks for the mention!

  8. S W M says

    Thank you, good tips to know!

  9. Chili Dippa Golf says

    These are all great at home tools to use! Never seen the dry eraser method but that's pretty cool!

  10. The Golf Giveaway says

    Love your editing style (text overlays and stuff). Do you do all your own editing or hire some of it out? Thanks for all your time and effort btw👍. Still working on hitting my goal of breaking 100:)

  11. Thomas Cofield says

    I've heard of the foot spray thing, I have some cheap patches I bought off of Amazon. The coat hanger idea is interesting although I'm sure I would get some looks at the driving range. The rubber band idea is actually quite good, I am going to use that when I practice. As for coke, most of us knew how corrosive it was. We did the nail in a bottle of Coke test as kids, it actually did pretty much disappear.

  12. Tyler Haas says

    [Adds foot spray and dry-erase markers to the grocery list]

  13. DannyBoy says

    This is great. Thanks Gabe!✌️

  14. Alan Edwards says

    I have tried the foot spray thing and it does work, but just okay compared to impact tape which leaves a much better mark and can be used for multiple shots in a row. Either way, if you are trying to improve your ball striking you should definitely be using something that can show your impact point. I can't imagine practicing without it. I saw that tip for checking lie and it works great. Well if you make good contact….see tip #1. The coat hanger…I'll pass. The rubber band thing? Now that I need to try. I know one thing for sure…glad I don't drink Coke. Entertaining video brother.

  15. Double Bogey Bass says

    Great DIY tips Gabe! Known about the foot spray for awhile, and I've seen the coat hanger one before (plus watched it on BYG's channel), but the others are new to me.

  16. eddy van de esschert says

    could you please give us more info about how to set the settings in the golfwatch approachs62 my screen is black and white i would like to see the course and i dont seem to be able to get the settings correct , maybe a video about how to put the settings and also show us in the video. thank you

  17. Miles Martin Golf says

    Some solid tips in here. I'll add a few. Everyone carry a towel and a bottle of water. 2 of my favorite drills are useing a towel behind the ball and then trying to hit balls with out touching the towel, and I set a water ball in front of the ball but off to the left a bit, if I swing out to in I'll catch the water bottle, in I keep it straight or even swing in to out I'll miss it.

  18. Bath Man says

    Great tips! Love the way you include and credit other creators, your approach to YT is really ethical and I am in no doubt you'll be hitting 100k within a year.

    You've given me anxiety about what all that Cola is doing to my stomach lining though 😅 😅

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