Become A Better Golfer By Doing Lesser Practice

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Learn Simple Tricks to Thinking, Planning and Performing better With Fewer or No Visits to the Range

One of the most significant differences between a pro golfer and the one who is probably struggling to find their footing in their game is simply the basic understanding of the concept of how taking a good shot, every single time. It is not so much the practice as it is understanding the basic ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Truth be told, if you practiced every single day of the week, but engaged the wrong approach, your practices may likely not yield as much result as one who practiced thrice or less, a week, but with an understanding of what to do, and what not to do, thus become a better golfer.

Perhaps you are one of the several potentially great golfers who are constantly under the assumption that there is a magical backswing position or some secret move in the takeaway that the pros are engaging to take those ‘awesome shots’ in their games. In reality, there are no magic switches or secret moves! Only a clear understanding of the fundamentals.


While the simple understanding of these factors may not make you play like a pro overnight, understanding the fundamental principles behind of what your club is intended to achieve with the ball, and how you tilt the balance is often the greatest leap of success in your golf game.

The fundamentals of the ball flight laws in their simplicity; basic factors that relate to a good shot.

1. Become aware, and understand the impact factors that create a good shot, and improve on them. These factors can be summarized as:

Where your club is expected to make accurate contact with the ground
– Where and how to strike on the ball’s face
– What role your posture and mind plays in creating a good shot, and in the predetermined direction
– How your angle of attack and loft influences the ball’s trajectory
– How to determine what speed the club should be driven

2. It is nice to get measuring gadgets to help bridge the gap between evaluating what you think you might be playing and what you are actually playing
3. Prize function over form. Avoid getting into the trap of ‘pretty golf swing’ that often results in awful performances.
4. Add some variability
5. Expect more or less. Don’t let your beliefs hold you back. You have not shot your best rounds yet.

A basic understanding of the aforementioned sets your mind and body in sync to self-organize over time. And would in-turn helps you to become more objective about your strikes, as you get better at the skills of impact. The result is often a definite improvement in your game. There are no magical tricks or little secrets anywhere – a great golf shot is absolutely determined by how well the player is able to make the club and the ball interact.

In the long run, you will be amazed at how easily the application of these principles would revolutionize your golfing experience and help you to become a better golfer! But while you are at it, never forget that irrespective of what your mind, body and the golf course throws at you, it’s only a game, and YOU’RE NOT YOUR GOLF!

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