BACK to SCHOOL HAiRCUT!! and Family Cartoon!! shopping with Adley & Niko then Pizza at pirate island

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Best Animation Day Ever 1219

Welcome to a very rainy Best Day Ever! We start out in the front yard with Jenny, Adley and Niko Bear playing in the rain and coming up with a plan to come get me from the spacestation so we could have a super fun family day going back to school shopping and getting hair cuts for the kiddos. As they are running around having fun, Jenny and Adley found a giant bubble in the grass, almost like the grass is a trampoline. Its so mind blowing!!

After loading up the purple tesla, they family comes and gets me and we are off! first to the store to do some shopping. We have two lists, one for adley the other for Niko Bear, with all the stuff they need for school. So its off to get glue sticks and books, new cloths and maybe some toys. Niko keeps turning into status or things on the shelfs that we need to pretend play buy! Adley is so excited for school that she can’t wait to get new lunch boxes and a back pack. Its kinda crazy going to the store with the family, but it’s also lots of fun! I love hanging out with Jenny and the kids!!

After we have everything on our lists, its off to get hair cuts. Adley gets new bangs while Niko gets his long hair trimmed. They both do so good, that we decide to head to pirate island and eat warm pizza. When we get there we find that its been raining so much that its almost flooded. We have lots of big puddles all over.

While on the beach, we decide that we want to update you on some cool news we have. We are starting an animation studio!! if you remember way back when we went and visited bucket list family in Hawaii. While we were there, they told us they wanted to start animating their videos. We thought that was an awesome idea, especially with Adley getting ready to do school full time, we won’t have as much time to make videos. So we will make 3D animations!! So we stated putting together a team, figuring out how to make us into cartoons! it’s been super fun, especially now that we are seeing the videos come to life!! We can’t wait to show these cartoons to you.

We have also started a few YouTube shorts channels, one about the Best Day Ever, one about Adley, even one about Adley playing Roblox. It’s another way for us to stay connected to you, share behind the scenes moments with you, and keep having the best day ever!!

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