ASMR The NICEST Golf Coach ⛳️ – Roleplay for SLEEP

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ASMR The NICEST Golf Coach – Roleplay for SLEEP. I made this video for YOU so I included tapping, soft spoken, club sounds, pen and paper and lots of personal attention. I hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy this roleplay and if you have tingle immunity, I hope this cures it! Thank you for being here as always!!!

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What is ASMR you ask?
ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. It is the tingling sensation that usually starts around your scalp and is followed by spreading to your back and limbs. It is largely used to help relax and sleep.

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  1. Matty Tingles says

    Thanks for watching everyone! Please remember to give this a thumbs up if you liked it! 💜

  2. Dominick Brown says

    The best golf coaches, Manolo.. and Matty 😂

  3. It's f*cking raw says


  4. XArthR says

    Can you do nicest volleyball coach please!!

  5. Emmanuel Hayabusa says

    Hey hello Maty, what a good video, kqnfkwkf greetings from Mexico, * use translator *

  6. Murt Films says


  7. Devin Matson says


  8. Lucky. Smells. Lumber. Mill. says

    You seem like the nicest guy in the world and I just want to be your best friend. I feel like you would give awesome hugs. Anyway, have an amazing day Matty. And anyone reading this❤️

  9. Ricky Rickard says

    Should do the nicest hockey coach!

  10. Spoc Wild says

    when you play golf and its somewhat accurate:

    “It is, acceptable”

  11. Nice, Subbed. says

    Not hating, but not a fan of these coach themed videos

  12. DIT says

    you should do the iPhone 13 once it comes out

  13. Justin Farley says

    I played hockey for years ice and im terrible at golf

  14. Pets Crafts and Wonderful Things says

    Loved the bird sounds! So fresh.

  15. Vincent Humchack says

    I think out of all of the coach vids so far this one is my fave. Super relaxing and with golf already being a more relaxed sport, it brings in that relaxed vibe nicely!

  16. Erik says

    Next: The Nicest Stagecoach

  17. Jesus Christ says


  18. ben davidson 💫 says

    Nicest soccer coach next? ⚽️

  19. Cheryl Whiteford says

    I swear there are 2 things hidden in Area 51. A hand sanitizer that kills 100 percent of germs and a matty tingles video that makes you tingle 100 percent of the time

  20. Ben Olsen says

    Rugby next?

  21. Gary Kerr says

    Matty do you play golf if so whats ur handicap??

  22. Gav D says

    I hope the school top is red #SundayTigerWoods

  23. Ofghanirre says


  24. Ayoowydhere says

    Soccer pls

  25. Jacob Spooky says


  26. Taisto Leivo says

    Yo Matty keep up the good work

  27. Ya boi Oli says

    These sports videos are killing it every time Matty, keep up the excellent content 💯
    On a side note do y’all agree ‘nicest swim coach’ has some great minor trigger opportunities (tapping on goggles/kickboard, swim cap sounds, very quiet water running in the background ambience)?

  28. jacy says

    Man went out and learned every thing about every sport to do these roleplays lol

  29. Lyrical Assailant Music says

    I love the fact you kept saying "parfect." Absolutely magnificent ol chap!

  30. Mr. Perfect says

    Volleyball next please !

  31. Pizza Mann says

    Currently vibrating on a frequency not known by man.

  32. Follow Lucky says

    Okay I ve noticed that if you do this to people on youtube they become cyclopses .. Look at the grass behind him and you ll notice he now has one eye. It s trippy ehehe… you can do it to anyone on youtube

  33. lolmanurfunny says

    Matty does all his roleplays so damn well. 😍

  34. Colin Renwicke says

    par 3 391 damn

  35. Schwanzverbot says

    I swear if I just see one hate comment on his whole channel I’m gonna be mad af. He’s such a nice guy.

  36. Grifffool says

    Hey, it had been quite a long time since I last watched a video of your but it's still pleasant as always, glad to see you're still posting and still doing amazing work. Keep on the good ASMR!

  37. EyesellSCOUT says

    For every new Nicest coach video, I have a new favorite asmr video LOL

  38. Wildcats21 says

    Volleyball next?

  39. mr obeba says

    matty please do hockey

  40. Onchi says

    Matty can you please do a Volleyball role play that’s my favorite sport! Also love the content keep up the good work❤️

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