Asking STRANGERS to Fish Their PRIVATE Ponds!!! (CRINGE!!!)

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I decided to ask some STRANGERS to go bass fishing in their private ponds!!! Things got awkward and cringe very fast!!! New??? Subscribe to My Channel:
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  1. LOJO says

    Who wants to see another video like this??? Maybe a part 2???

  2. Nick Ice says

    I’m down for part 2… as Jon b says. Keep fishing never stop!


    You made em nervous with the grunge attire … dress for a golf course and you're in

  4. James Taulbee says

    How is this cringy I go door to door asking for permission to hunt and fish

  5. Lure Slingers Anonymous says

    I’m betting they turned you away because you’re driving a Nissan in rule America lol maybe get a Chevy lol.

  6. Zander Tolton says


  7. Jesus Beltran says

    Ask them to go fishing with you, if they own the pond lol

  8. Juan Garcia says

    Yes do it again 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

  9. Ed Moore says

    whats with the gloves anyway? strike 1.

  10. Jackie Day says

    Why does he think asking permission is awkward? It is much better to ask permission than disrespect the property owner by trespassing. As a landowner with a lake and creek that is full of fish, I have no tolerance for trespassing.

  11. Xj52’s fishy world says

    At 0.10 how do you know what that smells like ?

  12. Dave Walker says

    I believe the first old guy. He seemed genuine and nice. I think he was real close to letting you fish.

  13. Scott Burlingame says

    Did I see some Redman golden blend on that passenger seat?

  14. Huggsby says

    The most cringe challenge would be asking people who are connected to a river if you can fish their backyard

  15. Chuck Walker says

    In the middle of florida where nobody lives like along 60 those spiders’ body, without the legs, get to be as bigger than your hand! I used to be so scared as a kid

  16. Billy Bob says


  17. Saul Smith says

    Nice. I’ve done the same thing, only I ask if I can metal detect their yard.

  18. P Campbell says

    To be honest a ton of fishermen are asshats that ruin it for the rest of us

  19. Josh Dickens says

    I think it was a good idea of you going around and asking to see if you can fish their pond I think you should do it again

  20. Heath Morgan says

    This video was boring

  21. Mikey Bing says

    Stranger Danger !!

  22. James Brown says

    you should make a business card with channel link and hand it these people so they can watch your videos and have contact info so they can call you.

  23. Doey Jiaz says

    Did a quick trash pickup today at a new spot I went to. Lake was busy as hell with no consideration for anglers whatsoever. Kayaks and canoes cruising around 20ft off shore, screaming, laughing and splashing. I kept picturing lip hooking one dude right out of his canoe

  24. RLS Outdoors says

    Lookin like a hit man walking to folks’s front door with gloves and a camera on!! 😝

  25. fortnite hub says

    Do it again

  26. Tommy Huffman says

    Now that you have your own pond, i wonder if people do this to you?! 🙂

  27. 365bubbaluv says

    I'd like to see you and badge repeat this and maybe offer some cash to fish their pond..they will probably change their mind 😆

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