Andy North Offers Tips for Your Golf Game – Part 3: Speed Control

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Hit in the middle of the clubface.

“When it comes to driving, it’s not about how far you can drive,”  Andy says, “but can you put your ball on the fairway?” Andy advises hitting the ball with the middle of the clubface, which should help your drives be longer and straighter. Keep your balance, and swing a bit easier than you normally do.

Hit down on the ball

“The more you beat the ball into the ground, the higher it will go,” Andy says. “Make a divot past the ball, not in front of it. Don’t try to scoop or lift it into the air — the loft of the club will make the ball go into the air.”

  • “Work on speed control,” Andy says. “If you have good speed control and the back of your left hand goes toward the hole, you’ll be OK.” (Left-handed golfers will want the back of their right hand going toward the hole.)
  • Andy says to practice hitting shots at certain distances — 20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards, etc. Basically, learn how to hit a specific distance.
  • And don’t be afraid to practice bunker and chip shots. You’ll be able to get out of a bunker easier if it happens during a round.
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