Andy North Offers Tips for Your Golf Game – Part 2

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  • A standard plank is essentially a push-up in which you keep your body in the “up” position for several seconds, keeping your abs tight and your back flat. There are several variations to just this one exercise. There are also core-strengthening exercises you can do from a chair.
  • One is called crunching knee raises. With yourhands at your sides or behind your head, sit tall in your chair and lift one bent leg at a time toward your chest. At the same time, curl your upper body down to meet your knee. Hold for a moment, then release and repeat with the theother leg.


Practice swinging a golf club (or two).

“Swing a club,” Andy says. “Swing two at a time. Do it several times a day. That will help stretch and strengthen your body and arms.”

Do hamstring stretches.

“Bad backs can be caused by tight hamstrings,” Andy said. “Do some hamstring stretches.”Your hamstring muscles are a group of three muscles that run along the back of your thigh from your hip to just below your knee.

  • To gently stretch your hamstrings, sit on a firm surface like a couch and extend one leg onto the surface. Slowly lean forward and reach for your thigh, knee or ankle — whichever you can reach without pain. Hold for several seconds and then do the same with your other leg. Remember —stretching shouldn’t be painful. Don’t overdo it.

Stretch your back.

“Two ways of stretching my back that have worked for me is a floor exercise called ‘cats and dogs,’”Andy says, “and a sitting exercise that can help increase turning ability.”

  • With the cats and dogs exercise, get on your hands and knees on the floor. Raise your head while arching your back as if pushing your spine toward the floor (like a dog sitting). Then, lower your head and round your back (like a cat stretching). Hold each position for a few seconds. Don’t bend your elbows or rock forward or backward.
  • To help increase your turning ability, sit on the edge of a couch or bed. Cross your arms and slowly turn one direction as far as you can. Then do the same for the other direction.

Part 3

Work on your shoulders.

“There are several ways to loosen your shoulders,” Andy says. “One is arm circles.”While standing up straight — which helps increase circulation and blood flow — stand perpendicular next to a wall, making big, slow circles with one arm. Get as close to the wall as you can, coming into contact with it if possible. Repeat a few times, then turn the other way to rotate the opposite arm.

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