About us

With rapid advancement in golf technology (and marketing naming schemes), it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right equipment for yourselves.

With that in mind, Top Golf Gears was created to provide useful and up-to-date information to golfers (including both new and experienced players). Our mission is to be the one-stop source for all golfers to understand and buy golf equipment.

Knowing that every detail matters, our experts work hard to provide you with in-depth reviews and feedback to help you make your buying decisions with confidence.

Alongside with review articles, we also provide additional tips and informational posts so that you can stay on top of the game, all year round.


Founder’s Message

Hello! Welcome to Top Golf Gears.

My name is Frank Eastwood. I am the CEO of a consulting firm in Portland, Oregon, one of the best cities for golfers in the US.

I decided to set up this website from the ground up in 2015 due to my long-time passion for golf. Having played this sport for more than ten years, I have seen the struggles that many amateur, recreational and non-professional golfers have regarding their skills and golf equipment.

The golf market is enormous and extremely profitable. Every month, various brands, from low-end to high-end, introduce hundreds of new products with innovative features. I and my team of experts from around the globe will be here to help you navigate through the ocean of choices and choose the best products for you.

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