6 POPULAR Brands That Are A Total RIP-OFF!!! (imo)

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These are six brands that will never sponsor an Alpha M. video! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that this video may piss of some people. But Alpha feels that the quality that they are delivering for the price they’re charging is ridiculous. They only rip you off if you buy it, so Alpha’s giving alternatives too.
Non-sense Prices vs Sensible Alternatives

What did I miss? In the comments let me know other brands you think are a TOTAL RIP-OFF!


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  1. S. Stewart says

    I love Polo Ralph Lauren. Pricy, yes, but excellent comfort and quality.

  2. Intrepid says

    He’s got to be tone deaf….too much yelling in order to get his redundant point across.

  3. Mohamed Dowedar says

    super like

  4. Yoha Asakura says

    Polo Ralph Lauren is not a rip-off you can buy from an outlet at 50% off or more and the quality and sense of luxury is still there.

  5. ISSA VIBEZ says

    U forgot jordan lol 😆 😂 literally cheap no value

  6. lol says

    This dude is a clown

  7. Forgive My Laughter says

    Bud, you buy them on sale. I got sick RL polo’s for $29 each at Marshals when I was in Florida. I 100% agree spending $100 on polo’s is dumb as they aren’t worth the price. In my experience RL polo is a lot better than Lacoste though. They are nicer, softer, last. Lacoste look okay the first time you wear them. As for the All Saints Jacket, I got the exact same leather bomber I seen on All Saints on Zara. It’s all bout knowing how to look, where to look.

  8. thx2468 says

    You're totally right. And in my opinion, It is not the clothing brand; nor the quality. It's the way it coordinates and gives you confidence, the way you wear it! You don't have to be in perfect shape either. Big, medium, small, skinny… everyone looks great! Normally those brands are for social climbers, nouveau riches. Comfortable shoes, dress in clothes that fit you well, according to the weather and creative coordination will make you look and feel good.

  9. Mohamed Khallaf fashion world says

    Regarding the quality, I don't agree with you

  10. The Raven says

    Ok I agree with all of these except for polo because Ralph Lauren’s material is actually good and will last Long and IMO is worth the price if on sale

  11. bubbie Tube says


  12. fresh prince says

    Ralph polo is god tier qwality with year of heritage

  13. Andy says

    I like polo

  14. Milk Boi says

    1:14 shiny
    1:17 not shiny…
    Polos are expensive but nice

  15. ali raza says

    What about french garment products specially balmain, only their tshirts cost more than 700$

  16. Tigris RGN says

    that h&m polo looks horrible compared to the ralph lauren one lol, if you cant buy full price look for sales dont be stupid

  17. reco remana says

    Can you do a video on gant plz

  18. marianah sun says


  19. Nikolas Arnold says

    Vincero is a crap over-priced watch. They charge $250 for a watch that costs $30 to make.

  20. OhhChezy says

    Has 6 million subscribers and a ton of revenue coming in from ads

    is actually too cheap to buy REAL designer

  21. OhhChezy says

    Pal you've found out designer is expensive 30 years too late. Literally 90% of everything under the sun that is top quality will be expensive, especially if it's made in a well known part of the world like France, London, Dubai, and Cairo. If you're too cheap to spend the money on quality, you can always buy JanSport 🙂

  22. Doug Styles says

    Bought the Black RL polo with the red and white around the sleeves. Paid about $117 after tax. Breathable and comfortable.

  23. jcabale17 says

    Yeah keep paying $12 for an H&M shirt that you’ll have to replace every year instead of spending a little extra money on the Ralph Lauren that’ll last you a lifetime.

  24. Will George says

    The crazy thing is that used Pateks go for more than the brand new ones because they are so sought after despite the price.

  25. Mynameangielol YT says

    12 dollar polo lol easy way to get clowned at school

  26. Chris Iorio says

    If you're intelligent and are not* of the 1 percenters out there, I would assume that you would not buy a Patek. Instead, why not buy a fucking house somewhere exotic lmfao. If you give fake, you get fake. Buy shit cuz its nice, not for the "status".

  27. raphael doolichand says

    H&m is Bs compared to Polo. 🤣🤣

  28. Walter Picado says

    Not gonna lie that Ralph Lauren polo look nice af compared to that other one

  29. Ken Burke says

    Go GRAND Seiko on watches. The upmarket versions. Classic look and as good as rolex

  30. karycooper1 says

    I can’t agree with you on watch part .

  31. Martín Pérez says

    Lacoste B/T Polo
    Hugo Boss B/T Zegna
    Emporio Armani B/T Hermes
    Tommy Hilfiger B/T Armani Exchange
    Pepe Jeans B/T John V
    Burberry B/T Gucci.

  32. Raf says

    Add Express to that list.
    To Armani’s and Ralph Lauren’s defense the connoisseur knows that within the designer name itself quality fluctuates compare the RL black or purple label to the outlet/department store line there is a big difference. But we get your point on the MSRP however 95% of people buy it at ridiculous discounts. Similar for AX versus AJ vs collezioni.

  33. Chris A says

    A Ralph Lauren Polo is a timeless classic

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