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  1. Grayson Carter says

    Me just putting on my heydudes and jeans

  2. TripleXComplex says

    I'm not listening to fuckbois

  3. SteveDonJovi says

    Personally, overdoing your outfit is kinda lame or doing too much…rule number 4…

  4. nohpets says

    Yeezy changed rule 3

  5. William says

    Your rules are bad and wrong.

  6. Daniel Cory says

    what’s the shoe on the right in the thumbnail?

  7. Altamont Darby says

    And millions of people have died of "covid"…

  8. Chalky Fox says

    I wear my triple black air max 97s with some baggy jeans

    More of a 90s feel

  9. M.J says

    Stop with this fucking no sense rule (not wear Nike with adidas) stop the cap, some pant of adidas and the af1 doesn’t kill the VIBE, it makes it look better only

  10. PrimePlxz says

    I wear Adidas and vans

  11. Ulises Ortega Aragón says

    Following rules makes you a 🐑

  12. Suwaid Puccini says

    For Cheap and typical tasted people – just wear designer if you can afford it. Sneakers etc is boring and typical do something different darling make a mark

  13. fredrico says

    These dudes have a lot of nerves. Dad shoes or clothes….the black dude has lost his hair, so what do we call his dumb @$$. What I wear and when I wear it is my business. LOSERS

  14. Gursimran Kaler says

    Anyone know the name of adidas shoes model in thumbnail?

  15. mogeking56 says

    Wear whatever you want and to hell with what other people think 🧐

  16. Shawn Stafford says

    I don't wear sneakers. Problem solved. When do these two guys blow each other? Because this shit sucks

  17. Charter Porter says

    What PE shoes should I get

  18. ClosestNearUtopia says

    My god was this for men of women?

  19. NorthPrime Concept & Design & Production says

    Rule#3 should’ve been rule#1. You gotta keep it consistent. Anything else is sloppy, lazy and unacceptable. Excellent rules, pretty simple to follow. 😎👍🏽

  20. F.Gondascene says

    POV: you just got a new pair

  21. Matt Torres says

    Competing brands are okay 💀

  22. TheWat says

    Rule No 1: do the opposite of Richie Lee, he dress like a Walmart hypebeast

  23. Amazing Pearl says

    This is gay

  24. Sukun Unosawa says

    I love wearing competing brands cuz I love them all and honestly dgaf 🤣, especially Nike socks with Yeezys

  25. JustSam says

    Just wear what you want

  26. Vidmantas Gulbinas says

    wakanda forever? dudes, you shouldnt put this racist shit when you talking about shoes, seriously, l understand, this dude is black and shit, but, the same would be like white guys talking about adidas and pumas and wearing t-shirt with white power writen on them. double standarts? l think so. tjink before you do something, please. cut off this black pride agenda.

  27. Leon Watson says

    Nothing is better than a plain white T-shirt. It will always go with absolutely anything and will never go out of fashion.

  28. Sohum Datta says

    rule 6: when you feel good, you'll always look good

  29. Alkeid Muca says

    Tf you mean match the vibe bruh will y give me the money to buy 200 dollar's sneakers

  30. Dark T. says

    I brake 3 every day

  31. Chris B says

    The only important rule: where whatever the fuck you want and however you want with shoes.

  32. shawn fj says

    You guys talk too much…….. damn

  33. Raecher3 3 says

    The yeezys w the long straight pants in the thumbnail look way better than the standard ass Adidas w the slim jeans lmaooo…I‘m sorry bro for a sneaker channel y’all got no clue what’s going in the fashionworld😂😂

  34. Diamond Nelson says

    No hate but y'all talking about not having just Jordans but y'all have hella Jordans in the background

  35. Transcendence Sensei says

    They are Annoying as fuck…

  36. JLGames says

    Lol @ taking advice from guys that dress like middle schoolers

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