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A lot is said about the wrist set in the golf swing, and many of Dan’s students aren’t sure of how they should set the wrists to suit their swing. In this video, Dan talks through how you should set the club depending on what you struggle with in your first move.

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  1. Joe Perez says

    I've always had a devil of a time trying to produce an accurate "one-piece" takeaway, with my arms outrracing my shoulders. I'm toying with going back to an early wrist set, a "two-piece takeaway," like Johnny Miller of the 70's and 80's. I think it would help me keep my right hand more on top and my left wrist flattened/bowed a lot better than how I'm doing now at the club-shaft-parallel-to-the-ground position in the backswing. Do any of your students do this, or do you immediately try to discourage it?

  2. Travis Sawicky says

    Nice video. Thanks Mate!

  3. Riley Braun says

    I love you. I say the same thing on Peter Finches channel, so don’t feel special.

  4. Ross Ferguson says

    Great video, Dan. As you know, I’ve been working hard on keeping my right hand on top in the set, but I find it really difficult to get any external shoulder rotation from there. We can talk about this next time I’m down but might be a good video to do at some point? Cheers mate – hope all is well with you.

  5. Harry Fuzed says

    To me it looks like in all 3 that you rotate your arm and fan open the club face but only at different points. I’m still pretty confused!

  6. Quutamooo says

    Yeah I'd like to see a video on how to consistently hit a true fade, if there's such a thing. I mean a ball that starts left and cuts back. Not hitting a push-fade, big pull-slice etc. Maybe path 3 out-to-in and face to path just a little bit open.

  7. Robert Wise says

    Great video! Can you do one on how to "load" the golf club? Thanks!

  8. Dominick Esposito says

    versus Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Sam Snead, Nelson, Nicklaus, Player, etc., etc. — all great champions. …The comparisons should be quite useful!

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