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Chris Ryan takes a look at the topic of clubface control in the golf swing.

Chris shows you the three things that influence where the club face points at impact and explains how these will influence your golf shots,

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  1. AJ T says

    Good stuff Chris! Rather than just giving drills to do you go into the "why" which helps us understand what we're doing wrong. Keep it up!

  2. Nic Ted says

    More great advice Chris, I see people at my club making mistakes with club face control hope it helps them

  3. Salman Ahmed says

    Question Chris, does this apply to the Driver and fairway woods as well? Thanks in advance.

  4. Larry Flores says

    What does it mean to throw your hands or arms at the ball? Is it a bad thing and if so how do you stop it? Please explain the difference.

  5. Rickie4 says

    Great info chris.I watched thousands of videos and never saw anyone talk about all 3 factors that you did here

  6. DanJustyn says

    Improve your golf swing – https://bit.ly/2mEB6rz

  7. Juan Botha says

    Hi Chris. To hit a draw one needs a swing path to the right with a close face. This results in a ball that start right of the target and will move towards the target. Doesn’t this mean that the swing path direction dictates ball starting line rather than the club face?

  8. Big Ré says

    Great information.

  9. Graham Humphreys says

    Just the information I need. Thanks Chris, great knowledge to pass on.

  10. Germain says

    Wow, for so long now I`ve been wondering why I pull all of my irons shots to the left and tried so many things to correct it. Meanwhile though, I never thought that it could be because of my address position. I always have the handle of my club lowered at address. I will fix that and see if that helps. Great tutorial Chris.

  11. Sansfaim says

    How does ball position affect club face?

  12. me01jh says

    Great explanation. Not many translate club face control better than you Chris. 👍

  13. Bonham House says

    Good idea, I never thought about taking a look at the handle.

  14. Bob Neuendorf says

    The guy at 2:05 needs to watch this video!!!! Ok, he's most likely just dressing the sand trap! Thanks again for a great lesson!

  15. Jeff Streelman says

    Great stuff indeed. Very informative.

  16. TheBigEasy says

    Loved it Mr. Ryan. So nice to see the why's. Very informative and enlightening for us novices. Thank you.

  17. Colin White says

    Good stuff, Chris. Important to be reminded of this .. because I hit my shot to the green on the first in Sunday’s comp OB. Many thanks.

  18. Bobby K says

    Great information. Where were you 25 years ago when I started playing? You could have saved me from developing so many bad habits that I'm only now starting to straighten out.

  19. peter aloisio says

    Hey Chris, not wanting add another layer of confusion, however would your grip also influence your shot as well. I struggle with consistency and have tendency to slice most shots. I’ve seen on the sim that I’m striking the ball around -12 face to path angle and I’m not sure from those tips which would suit. Thanks for your content, it’s always simple and straightforward.

  20. Larry Letcher says

    Great tutorial!

  21. William Parke says

    Thanks Chris good info. ❤️

  22. JB says

    This is the most constructive golf video I've ever watched on YouTube. A true gem of a golf lesson, thanks for sharing with us!

  23. John says

    Chris thank you for another very informative video " SPOT ON" Chris just one thing if you don't mind the sound on the videos, if you could adjust it up it would help some of us old folk Thanks again

  24. John says

    Congrats on another K

  25. Steven Roos says

    Great as usual . Thanks Chris

  26. Ruud Schrijvers says

    Now that’s what I call an eye opener! Thanks Chris!

  27. golf drivers review says

    It looks like a beautiful and peaceful place, would be nice to go play golf or just sit and relax for while in a good weather. Places like these should be promoted more.

  28. Mark Himpoo says

    Great explanation …..again, thank you

  29. Jan Pedersen says

    Very useful. Thanks Chris 👍

  30. George Shoffner says

    You have the best technical videos on youtube. Love watching your content and trying some of your advice. Your videos are always well explained and informative. Love the channel!!

  31. James Sawyer says

    I understand the three position but how do you get the correct one every time?   I have a problem with right going hits.  Is it moving the handle vertical, standing up to soon, twisting the club open    I guess I need you to be here in California    LOL

  32. Eric R says

    That was genius!. I have been struggling with inconsistent ball striking and direction. I had a very string grip because it just felt like a much more natural way to hold the club to ensure a solid swing. Sometimes I slice, sometimes I hook, sometimes my ball starts left and sometimes it starts right. Sometimes I top the ball, sometimes I skull the ball, sometimes I hit it fat taking a huge divot before the ball. And sometimes I hit the ball straight, high, and far. I have now changed to a more neutral to slightly strong grip.

    I also was addressing the ball such that the club was at a flat lie and with forward shaft lean, but then when I hit the ball i was introducing even more shaft lean and steeping the shaft which was causing my shaft and lie angle to be way to steep and changing the angle of the club face. Even though I wasn’t rotating the face in the tradition sense the face angle was changing due to the steeping of the shaft and the forward shaft lean. After watching this video and becoming aware of what was happing, I have been able to make corrections and as a result I am hitting the ball much more consistently, straighter and farther.

  33. Ramsay Mery says

    Absolutely  correct, as far as the face is concerned.

  34. Calvin Shum says


  35. Arslan Ejaz says

    A very balanced opinion. The factors are way more than we golfers imagine in our swing. Very accurately you pointed out the key elements which could play a vital role in the adjustment of your club face. After all, the ball goes where you aim and you aim with your gun. In this case, its the club face..!!

  36. ATC235 says

    Great video

  37. 1001 subscribers with one video says

    you noted all of my issues and they were resolved within 4 holes! Great video

  38. T SC says

    Yeah this is superb. It helped me a lot – thank you, Sir. Great job indeed.

  39. Joseph B says

    Hey Chris would do some on course instruction with your students? I think it would make some good content.

  40. Fore Golf3 says

    Love this!! Amazing Thank you!! Helps to understand what affects the club face.

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