16 Things You Didn't Know about Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark

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My kids love Great Wolf Lodge. They might even like it as much as Disneyland! ha ha. All my daughter wanted for her 8th birthday was to go to Great Wolf Lodge, so we packed up everything and went!
I have been 4 times now and have learned new things every time I go there! So these are the things I didn’t know about Great Wolf Lodge. I am telling you, it is the BEST Waterpark I have been to. They think of everything in the waterpark and out of the waterpark!

As I was making this video there are some things that I missed!
1. They have a Starbucks in their Waterparks!
2. They also have an outdoor pool that opens in the summer! So if you want some sunshine, you can always go outside!
3. They provide towels! Just one less thing to pack when you go there!
4. I talked about bringing food into Great Wolf Lodge – that includes take out from other places!
5. One last thing for the older kids. They have an amazing ropes course there! Just be sure to bring closed toe shoes!

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