15 Golf Drills That Helped Me Shoot Scores Under Par (P3)

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Planks – Complete 2 two minute planks

This is a fitness drill I feel benefits my golf game due to the full body workout you get while doing a plank. The core is especially hit hard by doing a plank and after you’ve held a perfect plank position for 2 minutes your abs will be on fire. If you can’t do 2 minutes then start with 1 minute and work your way up. For others, you’ll have to build your mental toughness up and hold that plank for 2 minutes without giving an excuse in your mind to quit before the 2 minutes are up.

Swing Tempo

For working on swing tempo I do several different shot types to get different swing tempo feels. I also do slow controlled swings, normal swing tempo shots, and swing for the fence shots. After gaining the right feeling swing that I can control but still get power, I practice it over and over doing dry reps trying to replicate the same feeling 5 times in a row. Once I’ve mastered that I add in the 3 swing lengths: half swings, ¾ swings, and full swings using the same tempo for each. If I was using a wedge for this drill I would expect the half swing to go maybe 50 yards, ¾ swing maybe 70 yards and full swing maybe 90 yards. Mastering tempo is key for short irons and wedges.

9 ball

In this drill I hit each of the 9 different shots. What are the 9 different shots you may ask? Well we have fades, draws, and straight shots. Then we have low, mid, and high trajectory shots. By mixing these together we get 9 combinations (high draw, mid draw, low draw, high straight, mid straight, low straight, high fade, mid fade, low fade) to practice. 9 ball gives you 9 balls total, one for each shot type and I see how many I can successfully hit out of 9. Repeat and try to beat your score.

15 Golf Drills That Helped Me Shoot Scores Under Par (P3)

Power Turn – The correct hip movement

I want to hit the ball further off the tee so I work on the proper weight shift and turning of the hips. Here is a drill you can try to get a feel for rotating your hips toward the target as opposed to sliding them out. Stand your golf bag behind you and press your butt up against it as you take your address. Now hit balls while maintaining contact with the bag at all times. Your right cheek should be in contact with the bag at the top, the left cheek in contact at the finish.

Worst Ball Game – On Course Drill

Tiger Woods once play his worst ball of two shots for every shot he took and still turned in a score in the mid 60’s. This means every birdie he made he validated by making another since missing would result in taking the worse of the two putts. Try the Worst Ball Game out next time you play golf on the course. Hit two shots and pick the worst one to hit your next two shots from and this cycle repeats until you’ve played the worse of two balls or every shot and finish the hole.

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