15 Golf Drills That Helped Me Shoot Scores Under Par (P2)

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Tiger Woods Gate Drill from 4 feet

If you’ve watched Tiger warm up for tournaments you’ll notice he places to tees in the ground to form a gate from close range (3 to 4 feet) and strokes normal putts as well as one handed. In the drill earlier, you worked on one handed putts from 6 feet so for this drill focus on normal two handed putts from 4 feet. You’ll build a solid putting stroke using the gate while also improving from 4 feet away from the hole which is a common distance you’ll have after chips on up & down attempts.

20 yard pitches

In this drill you’ll walk off 20 yards from the green’s edge which is about 20-25 long strides. Then select a hole on the green to pitch to such as a hole in the middle that gives you some green to work with but not as much as a hole on the far opposite side of green. Then select two of your wedges and work on building skill with each to where you can get your 20 yard pitch within 5 feet of the hole on average. Expect to need to land the ball near the front of the green so that it has enough green to roll out and burn off energy. If you land it to close to the hole it will roll by the hole and leave you a long putt coming back.

20 yard pitchesLadder up, Ladder down

This is a chipping drill that forces you to focus each shot as you have to change your distance each shot. Start with a short chip to a hole close by. Then chip to a middle or medium distance hole and finally a far hole that is on the opposite side of the green. Then repeat this but in reverse so far, medium, short. Try to get all 6 within 3 feet of the hole to complete this drill. It challenges your distance control because you get one chance at each distance chip to succeed in the way up the ladder and once chance at each on the way down the ladder. You also face mental toughness as you’ll put self-pressure on yourself trying to make 6 in a row within 3 feet because you know you have to start over if you fail.

Landing Zone Practice

Set up a landing target circle or place a wire ring on ground where you think you should land the ball for it to roll perfect distance to hole and test this out until you find the right spot. Then hit 10 chips trying to get in the landing zone and all 10 theoretically should end up within a few feet of the hole if you keep a consistent shot trajectory and power.

Up & Down Simulation 18 Holes

Find a practice green or while out on the course throw down an extra ball each hole somewhere in the rough and try to chip it close and then make the putt to successfully complete the up and down. Do this for 18 different holes or distances from the hole and change up your lies in the rough as well. This simulation game will build your confidence in your ability to save par when you miss green in regulations.

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